DotVPN Review: Worth using in 2020?

With several VPN applications existing in the market, let’s see why I still prefer the DotVPN chrome extension in 2020.

VPN services allow you to encrypt your data while searching on the internet and can help us access sites that are blocked in your country. It can help you to be present digitally in another location so that you can access Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or other streaming services to watch content which is not available in your country.

I researched this topic for a while and tried to make a list post like ‘Top 10 best free VPN services for Windows or Chrome’, but couldn’t find a decent free VPN service(because most of them went straight to trial and others had very little data bandwidth). So I then decided why should I search this much for a VPN service, when I can just write about the free VPN Chrome extension that I personally use every day! Let me introduce you to a really cool VPN – DotVPN – available in Chrome, Android, and iOS.

Note: This is not a paid review. TechnoRivals is in no way affiliated to DotVPN. This is a review purely based on the author’s experience with this VPN service.

DotVPN Review – The Best Free VPN Chrome Extension

I stumbled upon this Chrome extension when I was searching for a VPN service, but I didn’t want to download any software specifically for it. So I decided to go with a free VPN Chrome plugin, and that is how I found about DotVPN.

DotVPN- Free VPN extension for chrome
DotVPN- Main window

I have been using this free VPN for chrome for about 6 months, and I am really happy with its service. Connecting to a VPN server is really easy when we have this free VPN plugin. All you have to do is first install this Chrome plugin, and then click the circular logo in the top right section of your browser, and just select the country that you want to connect to.

DotVPN Review: Plan Details

DotVPN- Free VPN for chrome plugin

Just like all other free VPN services, DotVPN has both a free plan as well as a premium plan, so if you want to connect to the premium countries then you have to pay a small cost of $2.99 per month(If billed annually). I personally use the free version, and that is the reason why I am writing a review about this VPN plugin because, for a normal user like me, the free plan is all you need.

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In the free plan, you can connect to 3 countries: Netherlands, USA, and France. They will auto-refer a country based on the lowest ping. In the premium plan, you get 14 more countries as well as some other awesome features which you can check out on their official website.

Features of DotVPN Chrome Extension

One feature that I saw in DotVPN which I couldn’t find in any other free alternatives is unlimited data usage. Other popular VPN services only give limited data to its users, like 500MB for TunnelBear, 10 GB for Windscribe, etc. This gives DotVPN a really big advantage over its competitors.

DotVPN - Free VPN chrome extension features

DotVPN boasts of having more than 700 servers and unlimited bandwidth so that you will be connected to the least busy server hence giving you faster network speeds. It also blocks ads and other 3rd party trackers so that your data is secure while visiting a website.

They are also serious about user security and has a zero-log policy which means none of your surf data will be saved in their servers. TOR integration and DDoS protection are also provided by them.

DotVPN - Free online VPN plugin privacy details
DotVPN – Online privacy details

DotVPN Review: Small UI details

There are also several small UI details in this VPN Chrome extension that makes it worth trying like for each country they show its flag along with an image of some famous structure or culture or even an animal. For eg. For the country Australia, DotVPN has given the picture of a Quokka which is now a major tourist attraction in Australia.

The amount of work that the team has given to such small details is really appreciative. Along with the flag and the image, it also shows the city where the server is located along with the real-time ping, so that you can choose the servers accordingly. When you are connected the circular icon lights up and becomes orange in color so that you can know when you are connected to VPN.

DotVPN- Free VPN for chrome connected status
DotVPN- Connected window

DotVPN also supports various other platforms: Add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Extension for Opera, Android, and iOS. Check out their official website if you want to download DotVPN for the above-specified platforms.


So if you are looking for a free VPN for Chrome and want unlimited data bandwidth, then this is the perfect tool for you.

Download DotVPN from Chrome Web Store

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