Best Awesome Gadgets you can buy right now under Rs.2000![Updated JULY 2021]

Are you a Gadget freak, but don’t like to spend too much on these gadgets? If yes, then this article is perfect for you. There are literally millions of really cool gadgets that most of us don’t even know about. So read on to find out some cheap gadgets you can buy under Rs.2000, or maybe gift it to your loved ones, because everyone loves a tech gadget!

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Portronics RuffPad E-writer

Portronics Ruffpad e-writer gadgets under 2000

It’s time to throw away your stick notes, as the future is here. Introducing Portronics E-writer, an 8.5-inch e-slate that uses e-ink technology which is highly energy efficient. It comes with a magnetic back so you can stick it on your fridge or any metal base(if that is where you stick your shopping list, or the to-do chores list or something).

There is a stylus pen provided with the gadget, and you don’t have to worry about its battery life as it can work up to 2 years until it needs a battery change.

There is an erase button at the top, so when you want to erase what’s on the screen just press the button, and there you have it clean like a new one. It has a pressure-sensitive screen so you create thick and thin lines.

If you are a student and want to do some rough work, this e-writer would be really useful for you as it has a big 8.5-inch screen and you will be saving a ton of paper by using this. So check it out if you are interested.

boAt Airdopes 171 Bluetooth TWS

After the launch of Apple Airpods, True Wireless Stereo(TWS) has been the new norm of audio devices. Small, sleek, and compact, these little devices have brought in an extra level of comfort.

But, there is one problem: These TWS are crazy expensive! Don’t worry, that is exactly where companies like boAt come in. boAt has various TWS models which are very pocket-friendly.

boAt Airdopes 171- gifts under 2000
boAt Airdopes 171

boAt Airdopes 171 is a small but powerful TWS that looks just beautiful and offers a playback time of 3 hours in earbuds and 10 hours in the charging case.

It has an IPX4 rating which means it is water and sweat-resistant, so you can use it without worry during your workouts. It comes with additional earmuffs to accommodate all ear sizes. Available colors are Active Black, Cool grey, Mysterious Blue, Rose Gold.

Personally, I think boAt Airdopes 171 TWS will be a perfect electronic gift item under 2000, you can gift it to your parents, relatives or friends, and I am sure they will appreciate this one.

Multi-Purpose Laptop Table/Study Table/Bed Table Foldable and Portable Wooden Desk

Ever found it hard to use your laptop in your bed? Is that even a question right😂! This foldable multipurpose table is the best fit for you, especially with all the work from home for professionals and online classes for students. You can even use it when you are binging on your favorite TV series in your bed.

It is super sturdy and there is even a cup holder so that you don’t have to find another place to keep your coffee or tea or just your water bottle. Also doubles down on the importance of drinking water.

Realme 10000mAh Power Bank

A power bank is a must-have for all smartphone users. Even if you don’t travel enough, having a power bank can become quite handy in many situations.

Realme 10000mAh power bank first of all looks and feels stunning with its 3D grid design texture. It comes with 2 USB ports, so you can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously.

You can charge it up using a Type C or MicroUSB cable as it has both input ports. 12W two-way quick charges ensure faster-charging speeds. It has 14-layer circuit protection along with a low current mode for charging small gadgets.

Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

Monitoring your body weight frequently and making sure you are in the correct weight range is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale not only monitors your weight but also your Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Fat Percentage, Visceral Fat, Muscle mass, Bone mass, Body Water Percentage, and much more.

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

You can monitor all this data in their multifunctional and user-friendly app which is available for both Android and iOS. This single scale can be used for the whole family, and even comes with a baby mode to monitor the weight of babies. This feature is really useful for mothers with infants, which makes it a perfect gift under 2,000 for new mothers.

Mini Sanitizer Mist Sprayer machine

In this COVID-19 era, it is important to always stay safe and maintain cleanliness and hygiene in our personal lives. I hope everyone who is reading this follows all the guidelines imposed by our government and WHO to avoid contracting the disease. The importance of using alcohol-based sanitizers in killing the virus is one such major guideline to be followed by everyone.

Mini Sanitizer Mist sprayer machine

This Mini Sanitizer Mist sprayer Machine is a must-have in these times. It is a small pocket-sized, USB rechargeable sprayer that can be filled with sanitizer and sprayed on our everyday objects like our smartphone, wallets, currency, keys, etc.

It also doubles up as a moisturizer, so you can just fill it up with water and also enjoy the cool mist in your face.

HX 750 Drone Quadcopter

HX 570 Drone Quadcopter

If you are a Gadget lover, then I am sure you will have that desire hidden inside you to fly a drone at least once in your lifetime. But the problem is, there are strict law regulations in India which ban us from importing drones from other countries(due to security reasons), so we can’t use foreign e-commerce sites like Banggood(which has so many cheap drones) to buy drones.

But this issue can be avoided when merchants in India have already imported quadcopters from other countries after following the law behind it. So to sum up when we buy the drones listed in Indian e-commerce sites we are following all the laws provided by the Indian Government, and we enjoy the joy of flying a drone.

HX 750 is a really cheap quadcopter which comes with the basic drone functionalities like Headless mode(so that you won’t get confused which side is the front of the drone while flying it), 360 degree flipping in all directions(something that is really pleasing to watch), different speed modes, fancy lights, propeller guards so that the propellers won’t break even if it crash lands and even if the propellers break, there is an extra pair of propellers in the box. You can find other info about the drone on it’s product page. Overall a nice little gadget to spend time with, and a really amazing gift for any special occasions.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Portronics Ruffpad e-writer gadgets under 2000

This Smart plug connects directly to your wall socket, and you can directly control it to turn it on or off from your smartphone. The device connects to your home wifi network and you can control it using their smartphone app from anywhere in the world. What makes this smart plug, even more, cooler, is that we can control it using our voice. You can control it by giving a voice command on your Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart speaker.

Another feature of this smart plug is its automation capabilities: You can connect your coffee maker( for example) to this smart plug and create a customized schedule and enjoy a fresh coffee when you wake up. It also comes with 2 additional USB outlets so you can charge other USB devices while the main plug is in use. It has the Type-D 3 pin plug which is used in Indian sockets.

Fingerprint padlock

Fingerprint padlock - gadgets under 2000

Nowadays we unlock our smartphones using the fingerprint sensor available on it. It is really fast, easy and secure. So how about bringing that tech into a padlock? It would be really cool right. Here’s where this smart electric fingerprint lock comes in. You can store up to 10 fingers, and the battery lasts up to 2 years, and you can charge it via micro-USB port given in the lock. Registering a fingerprint is easy and the fingerprint sensor is really fast and responsive. It is a well-built lock and comes in handy for travelers to lock up the bags.

Micro Tyre inflator

Resqtech micro tyre inflator- gadgets under 2000

To finish off the list, how about a gadget for cars. It is not uncommon to be stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tyre, in those situations, ResQtech Micro tyre inflator comes to the rescue. You can basically power it up using the 12V socket available in the car, and simply connect the gadget to the tyre and you will be able to reinflate the tyre in no time so that you can drive to the nearest workshop to get your tyre repaired.

It also has an adapter if you don’ have the 12V socket, you can directly connect it to the car’s battery using this adapter. It also comes with a ball adapter so that if you have a football or basketball, you can fill it up too. It’s a really important gadget to have if you are a frequent traveler and make sure to check it out.

JBL Go 2 Portable Waterproof Speaker with mic

These gadgets under 2000 list would be incomplete without audio equipment, and JBL Go 2 is just perfect for this list. With 5 hours of playtime and IPX7 waterproof design, you can’t go wrong with it.

It also comes with a mic and built-in Noise-cancelling speakerphone. There are 12 color variants available, although personally I liked the black one.

SanDisk Ultra Dual 64GB USB 3.0 OTG Pendrive

Do you have an OTG-enabled phone and want to free up some space, then consider buying this pen drive. Just connect this 64GB pen drive to the micro-USB port of your phone and easily transfer your photos or video or anything to this drive. If you want to access these files on your PC then just plug it into the USB port of your PC and use it.


So those were some nifty cool gadgets that you can buy under Rs.2000. I hope you liked this article, and make sure to leave a comment on which product you liked the most, and whether you need more similar articles like these.

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