About Us


I was sitting in my classroom and clearing one of my friend’s technical problem, and finally, when he got the solution from me, he exclaimed, “What a geek you are!!”. I became really happy in hearing this(who wouldn’t!). Me and my best buddy, Mohasin were tech lovers, and basically, Tech tips we gave to our batchmates was the only thing that made us a bit popular in high school. So, I thought, “Why don’t I just share these Technology tips with everyone in the world”, at that moment the idea of starting a website came to my mind, and that was how TechnoRivals started. 

Honestly speaking, all these things you see on our website was not done in a day. I was alone at the start of my journey, but eventually my friend, Mohasin who is also a die-hard tech lover, joined me to help me with blogging. It took us more than 1 year to learn about blogging, Domains, hosting, SEO etc. We started out with a free blog in blogger, and after about 6 months I understood that a custom domain is a must, So we finally managed to save some money and bought the domain technorivals.com. 

Help us build our blog by commenting about the changes we should make. Well, that’s all about us, hope you loved our blog.


Deepak Mathews Koshy: Founder and CEO of technorivals.

A passionate Tech blogger. I handle all the monetizing, advertising related things. Trying to be consistent in publishing articles. I might be a bit lazy!

Mohasin K.R: Executive editor of technorivals.

I post topics related to technology on this blog. I also handle all the back-end work and assist Deepak in taking important decisions related to this blog.