Topmost Wearable Technology Gifts for Christmas 2018

What is going to be in your ultimate Christmas 2018 wishlist? Some of you have definitely made the start of shopping for the season as we all know Christmas is approaching and nothing can hinder our excitement for the festival of joy and happiness. Not only tech geeks but all our loved ones love to receive gifts at the eve of Christmas and this becomes the most difficult decision of your life as the question continually strikes like what to gift them?

Here we tried to make a list of some great techy gift which will surely help you with your plans of surprise. This list will add everything from the phones, tablets, laptops, consoles, games, wearable tech, headphones, speakers and tech accessories to gadgets. Just continue till the end and fond out the best suitable present for your family and friends in pursuance of age and gender.

This will be inspiring to those who like to buy and gift presents, but really cannot find help while deciding the best one.

Fitness tracker

We will start with an activity tracker that is at number one in our list of favorites. You also will be a diehard fan after knowing the benefits it can offer to your young brother or sister if he or she is a fitness freak. Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the ideal Christmas gifts this time with every possible fitness-tracking feature. It helps to measure the footsteps you took the whole day added with distance, active minutes, floors climbed, calories burned, your heart rate, and cardio-fitness levels. It can also send on-wrist notifications such as caller id, texts, and calendar alert so noneed to take out your cell phone every time for unimportant contacts. Isn’t itexciting?


Second place is taken by the Smartwatch. Apple Watch series 3 ticks all the checkbox and works perfectly well just like a smartphone. Available in two sizes, 40 mm and 44mm, its dual-core processor and the new WatchOS 5 operating system makes it the latest update in the smartwatch world. 50% louder speakers make it possible to use it as a walkie-talkie. This time ease the pain of your mum and make it possible for her to speak to your aunt in a much-relaxed way while cooking for you.


Now when we already addressed speakers, why not give your music lover friend the simple Bluetooth earphones? SoundPEATSMagnetic Wireless Earbuds are available at $29 on Amazon. The audio quality is good with eight-hour battery life that is enough for a regular user. As the name says, the magnet in them sticks to each other to form a necklace while not in use. This would be a great present to keep the rhythm live.

Laptop bags

What about a laptop bag? Your father will surely appreciate it. No, we are not talking about regular junky laptop bags. It’s a bag which will work as a safe for your delicate electronics when you travel and will have enough room for power supply, accessories, and your small gadgets. STM Banks is the excellent laptop bag from Australia-based STM with breathable mesh fabric to avoid any moisture inside it. You will be surprisedby knowing that it holds space for a laptop (up to 15in), charger, phone, lunchand even a jacket all at once. It is actually designed with a lot of smallpockets too that will hold your sunglass, battery, phone, and other smallthings. It will definitely make traveling so easy and relaxing for your father.Trust us!

Gifts for kids

When you are buying gifts for the whole family don’t overlook your cute nephew or beautiful niece. There must be something alluring for the kids. Bring an excellent piece of board game for them. CosmicEncounter will cost you around $60 and played with 3-5 at the initial stage. This is a perfect gift for the children of age 12 and above. Basically, the game starts with five planets, 20 little spaceships, and weird alien power. You need to take your spaceship on to five foreign planets. There are totally six expansions to this game, and each expansion adds up an extra spice ofentertainment though it is not wearable.

Finding a perfect gift for any occasion isn’t easy, but this will certainly help you in making the right decision. Follow the guide, gift the right present and see a big smile on the face of your dearones.

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