The Rise of WhatsApp in the Workplace: Are You Equipped With the Right Mobile Archiving Solution?

For most people, WhatsApp is just one of the popular encrypted messaging platforms out in the market these days. However, for companies, especially those in regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and government sector, WhatsApp is more than just another mobile messaging app; it empowers employees to become more productive and collaborative and enables companies to engage with their clients and partners more efficiently.

With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has completely changed the way employees communicate with each other and with their clients. While email remains the top business communication tool being utilized in most organizations, the rise of WhatsApp along with other mobile chat apps has been revolutionizing the enterprise communication landscape; and with that, the compliance risks that these companies are facing have evolved as well.

In regulated sectors, messages, voice calls, files, and other types of content communicated via WhatsApp must be captured and record for supervision and monitoring purposes. However, because this platform uses end-to-end encryption, many companies have found archiving WhatsApp messages very challenging – if not entirely impossible.

Fortunately, there are enterprise-grade solutions in the market that allows businesses to continue using WhatsApp without the risk of breaching record keeping regulations. Check out this infographic from TeleMessage to learn why you should implement a WhatsApp archiving platform in your organization today.


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