[Guest Post] 7 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks To Use: Check WhatsApp Message Without The Sender Knowing

WhatsApp, Co-Founded by Jan Koum which was later bought by facebook have been very popular nowadays, it as become the best tool for many (possibly including you and I)  to connect with friends,  relatives and families. Also with the launch of the new WhatsApp business, earlier this year ( which you can use both version on a single smartphone) makes it possible to have a company whatsapp account to connect with your customers. 

The most popular INSTANT MESSAGING APPLICATION, WhatsApp with over 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store have now, undoubtably become one of the most integral part of life for you and I (i guess).

But how do we use this powerful application ? how smart do we often tweek this app to our advantage ?,  these and many more relative questions should be asked and answers provided too.

Have you just gave someone your number not wanting him or her to know more about you just like that by checking your profile ? or you want to make your best pal on whatsapp have chat shortcut on your home screen ?. OR are you’re just wondering how you can check WhatsApp meesages without the sender knowing ?. 

Make sure to relax, we have got tips that would be useful to apply to your WhatsApp application, to make it more personal and interesting.

Just below are the lists of tricks package have got for you.

7 Cool WhatsApp Tricks And Tips For You

I stumbled upon these tricks while watching a YouTube video, so i decided to share it with you guys.

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And i big thank you as you do so.

The first on the list is.  

1. Change The Font:

Why should you be using the default font always ?, why cant you use this other font also. 
WhatsApp allow you and I to change the default WhatsApp font to another other FONT,  this font is monospace, the letters cover the same width (i.e the i cover the same width as m).
Follow these Quick Steps to apply it right now:
a. Open Your WhatsApp app
b. Go to the text box
c. Type this symbol (`) three times before the word,  dont mistake for  this (‘), as it won’t work. 
d.  Type the word and end it with this (`) same symbol typed three times.
Just like below:

? and thats it,  you are through.

2. Make Personal, Personal:

If you just want to make some things, like Last Seen, About,  Profile Photo, and Status personal maybe because of the newbie you gave your number, you can just limit your those whose can see these things and you can decide to make none see it. 
Follow these Quick Steps to apply it right now:
a. Open your WhatsApp acount
b. Tap on the menu (the three dot icon)
c. Click on settings
d. Click on Account, then Privacy and tweak the options as you like.
As below:

✔ Done. 

3. Chat Easier With Favorite Contact:

There seems to be someone you frequently chat with, whom you want to get to quickly.
Kudos to WhatsApp and Android for saving us some stress with some things like this.
With this trick you can simply add your favorite chats to your home screen and all you have to do is click on his picture right at your home screen to have chat with him or her.  
Follow these Quick Steps to apply it right now:
a. Open your WhatsApp app
b. Go to your favorite contact and open the chat with him or her. 
c. Click on the three straight dots (menu)  at the top-right corner then click on more.
d. Click on “Add Shortcut”
Just like below:
and ? viola you’ve just got that on your home screen.

4. Send The Big Beating Love:

What is this about? , you might ask. 
Although you might have been using heart emoji before, but with this trick,  its result become something new, amazing. 

So next time you want to send a heart ♥ emoji to your mother or father or child, you should try this and give them a whole new impression.

Follow these Quick Steps to apply it right now:
a. Open your WhatsApp app
b. Go to the chat box
c. Insert the heart ( ♥) emoji
d. But this time, never add any suffix or prefix to the message (i.e just the heart emoji only)
❤ you responsibly. 

5. Disable Preview:

Sometimes the WhatsApp message preview which popup everytime you recieve a message could be annoying, or am I wrong?. Well if i am lets get rid of it. 
Follow these Quick Steps to get rid of it now:
a. Open your WhatsApp app
b. Click on the menu
c. Then click on settings
d. Go to notifications
e. Then tweak the options as you like, if you want popup for group messages, you can have it. 
So, goodluck

6. Find Exact Time A Message Is Read and Delivered:

Assuming you text someone an important message (your journey for the day as an example), and you are wondering what time he read it (which could determine how much he cares to know about your journey), within the WhatsApp application you can do that.
Follow these Quick Steps to apply it right now:
a. Open your WhatsApp app
b. Go to the sent message
c. Click and hold on the message
d. The post will be highlighted, after then click on the three dot (menu).
e. Click info, and there you will be given info on when the message is delivered and read (if it has been) 

?  thank me later bro and sis,

7. Read Messages Without The Sender Knowing You have:

With this, the trick at number 6 will not be effective as there wont be any notification that the receiver have read it. 

Many of us would have wish to know this before because of a message you might want to read, but shit, the sender should not know that have actually read it.
And what makes this special is that you do not need any app to do this. 
Q: What can i do? 
A: Well just follow these Quick Steps to it:
a. On your data and let all messages come in. 
b. Then go back and off your data… 
c. Go to “airplane” ✈ mode. 
d. Then go and check the message.
e. This way the person will never know you have read it.

And these are the 7 amazing WhatsApp tricks.

PS: its your turn, tell me which one you like and which one really get your eye open, use the comment to also ask for clarifications if at all you have any hassle with these tricks.

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Note : This is a guest post written by Toufek Ibrahim, [email protected]www.wetechshout.com

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