What’s new in Android P : The 10 Best Upcoming Features Explained

Android P developer preview is out within a year of release of the Android 8.1 Oreo. Android P developer preview promises new  features and performance improvements. It seems for many of us that GOOGLE is indeed pushing new Android releases a bit too sooner.

Android P | Source : Android Police

Nevertheless, GOOGLE has once again given the developers a chance to check out the new Android P OS by releasing a very early developer preview of the Android P . According to GOOGLE, the developer’s feedback is highly beneficial for their efforts to eliminate any minor bugs, glitches etc.

So without much further ado, let’s dig in:

1. Official Notch Support

Apple has started it, Asus has adopted it and now Google has officially added support for notch displays. Whether you like it or not, this move by GOOGLE means that future smartphone’s will have a notch on the screen.

Adjustable Notch | Source : Android Police

Apart from that, what this points out is that in the tech industry Apple is the ultimate authority and innovator. Whatever Apple does, all manufactures adopt it .Let’s admit, the notch by Apple is kind of annoying; but in Android P developer preview we can see that the notch size is adjustable, meaning you can change the width and the length of the notch.

So I’m guessing that most manufacturers will try to keep it as slim and less annoying as possible.

2. Temporary Screen Rotation Lock

Android P comes with a temporary rotation lock feature which enables you to temporarily stop the screen from rotating to landscape mode while watching videos. This is a very useful feature as it allows us to control when to auto-rotate our screen.

3. Power Menu Screenshot Option

Screenshot option | Source : Android Police

If you’ve used any of the popular custom ROMs like Lineage OS, you will probably know that it allows you to take screen shots via the power button which is much easier. Thankfully, after a while GOOGLE has added this tiny tweak to Android P.

Now whenever you long press the power button you will see option to take the screen shot along with other options like Power Off, Restart etc.

4. Real-time Adaptive Brightness Slider

Real-time Adaptive Brightness Slider | Source : Android Police

On Android 8.1 Oreo and earlier versions of OS the brightness slider will not show the current brightness level when the “Auto” mode is turned on. But in Android P, we may get a real-time brightness feature that lets us know the current display brightness level when the light sensor is turned on.

5. Unlock Pattern Trail Fade Effect

Android P might come with a tiny security tweak that automatically fades the unlock pattern trail. This slightly improves the security of your smartphone. Whenever you draw the pattern, the trails automatically fade out.

6. Zoom Lens for Text Selection

Zoom lens | Source : Android Police

This feature has been present in the iOS for years. Google has finally added it to Android P OS. From now on, whenever you select a text you will see a zoom lens above the text selected to enable you to see the words under your finger tip.

7. Charging Sounds

Charging sound settings | Source : Android Police

Let’s admit, it is painful to peek at the top corner of your screen to check whether the battery is charging or not. On Android P, you will hear a sound whenever you plug your phone to the charger whether it is wireless or wired. This feature is already available in Android 8.1 Oreo but it was limited to only wireless charging.

8. Time on the Left Side of Status Bar

Time on left side | Source : Android Police

In order to pave way for the new notch trend, GOOGLE has moved the clock to the left side of the status bar on top. You will now see the time on the left side of status bar. While this may be frustrating at first, we may get used to it after some time.

9. Screenshot editing

You can now edit screen shots like adding cool text, circle important parts etc. on Android  P. This was a much wanted feature by the Android user community.

10. Support for HD VP9 and HEIF

Android  P adds support to HD VP9 video codec and Highly Efficient Image Format. This lets you view HEIF image and watch videos in higher quality.

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So these are the 10 best upcoming features of Android P Explained. If you loved my post don’t forget to share it in social. If you have any suggestion mention it in the comments section.

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