[Guest Post] Wonder what’s up with Android? Here’s what you should know!

Android is undoubtedly one of the biggest mobile platforms in the world. In fact, according to report, Android has officially become the most used mobile platform in the world with more than 110 million users across the world with more than 2 billion active devices.

Although the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 swept the market of Samsung, Moto, and the undisputed king of mobile phone segment ‘Nokia’, taking the Apple Corporation to the zenith of success, the celebration was ephemeral, as in 2008, Google, apart from being recognized as the most popular search engine, became one of the biggest app development companies across the globe, with the launch of Android along with a range of mobile applications.

But these are all old talks. Lately, especially since the inception of smart technologies, Android has been up to a lot; a lot more than an OS is capable of. Apart from that, the OS has integrated itself to many other components we never thought an operating system could. Basically, some or the other thing is always up with Android, and to give you an elaborate taste of that, here is what’s up with Android in 2018 up to this point:

Google Pay replaces Google Wallet and Android Pay

In a recent shuffle, Google has replaced two of its popular apps ‘Google Wallet’ and ‘Android Pay’ with a much more consolidated solution that goes by the name Google Pay. Even if you go by the name, Google Pay takes one word from each of the two apps, and does justice to its name by bringing the functions of the apps, together on one mobile application. However, an added functionality, which is also a major one, is that Google has integrated ‘Pay’ with payment channels across all of its major apps like Chrome, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Books and many more, proving its mettle as one of the best app development companies and a great solution provider. With the help of new Google Pay utility, one can pay for purchases on different sites and apps through a single platform.

A Scooter that runs Android

We have seen smartphones, tablets, cars and even computers use Android as their core functionality provider, but a two-wheeler that runs android is the latest addition to what the much popular OS can do. To be honest, we did anticipate a scooter to use Android in some way, but it took time because of the limited functionality a scooter can provide. The French multinational Archos, recently launched Archos Bolt, which sports a 5-inch display, a quad-core CPU, a relatively low 1 GB RAM capacity, and 8 GBs of ROM. The most apparent function of Bolt is the use of Google Maps to navigate to locations with a speed of 22-25 km/h powered by a 250W electric motor with a 36V battery.

Splitscreen for Chrome OS?

We have loved the Splitscreen utility that was first introduced by Windows, and then was adopted by Android Nougat to provide over-the-top functionalities. Even Chrome OS powered tablet provided the Splitscreen utility for their web apps, but left android apps out. However, a good news for Chrome OS tablet users is that Google is testing Splitscreen-view for android apps for their devices which means they can now use mobile apps in the same Splitscreen mode that they enjoy on interfaces of Nougat and beyond.

Better Safety in Android P

It is quite intriguing for android users what the P stands for in Android P. While nobody is sure what it actually means, amidst all the speculation about it, a statement from one of the Google employees states that Android is going to have better control over access rights for camera and microphone usage in the background. This vouches for the fact that mobile app developers at Google are in fact trying to make a move in the direction of heightened security, which is apparently the need of the hour. With Android P, you can at least be sure about what your phone or microphone is recording while you are not actively using it.

With introduction of smarter technologies, Android is bound to grow by leap and bounds in the coming years. It has never been a wonder that there are almost twice the number of iOS users in the world that use Android. However, even though Alphabet.inc is making every effort to stay ahead of the curve with its R&D wing and collaborations with the leading innovators, the contest between iOS and Android

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