Meet eelo, The Best Alternative For Android Developed by Creator of Mandrake Linux

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Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system in the market right now. The percentage of people running android on their mobile device is more than iOS. This is because Google gives manufacturers the right to use Android on their own mobile devices as compared to Apple whose iOS is exclusive to their products only.

Nevertheless, there is nothing better than trying a new flavour of OS other than Android. Maybe you want a change or your device doesn’t support the latest Android, there is nothing better than trying a varied one yourself. Then eelo maybe the right one for you.This OS is developed by the mandrake Linux DeveloperGael Duval.

Linux had great support from all over the world, after all its open-source. Now they are trying to bring the same trend to existing Android users by developing an Opensource, Google-Free version of mobile operating system named eelo.

eelo OS is based on Lineage OS, the best clockwork mode based custom roms. eelo OS ensure privacy from prying eyes including Google. Google knows a heck a lot about you and your browsing habits, which sites you visit, your age,the app installed,your voice data etc. Even though Google says they won’t use your data unauthorizedly , imagining how much data Google knows about you will make you, at the very least, awful.

So what are your opinions about this new Android Alternative? Tell us in the comment section below and stay tuned for our next post 🙂

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