Best Smartphone Awards 2017 – The Best Smartpones of 2017

2016 was certainly an amazing year which showcased some amazing smartphones like the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (the list certainly doesn’t end here), and all these releases made us understood that smartphones are getting faster and stronger every year.

In 2017, we saw some really good advances in the smartphone field, Bezelless screens becoming a norm, USB Type-C becoming a standard, Impressive Cameras which are becoming an opponent to DSLR’s and much more. 2017 was a year where companies kind of reinvented smartphones. So many great smartphones have been launched in 2017, but which ones are the Best Smartphones of 2017.

We are not going to show you a cliché of Top 10 smartphones of 2017, but we are trying to introduce something new: Best Smartphone Awards 2017, there will be various awards and each award will have 4 nominees and only one award winner. So Team TechnoRivals present:



The budget Smartphone segment is one of the most wanted mobiles segment because it targets developing countries like India. There are some really good smartphones in this segment ranging from the best selling Redmi note 4 to Moto G5S plus and much more. But here are our nominees for this segment:

Nominees: Redmi Note 4, Lenovo K8 Note, Mi A1, Moto G5s Plus

Best Budget Smartphones of 2017
Yes, there are 2 Xiaomi Smartphones on the list, because they are the leader in this segment. And yes, you guessed it right:

 The winner of the Best budget Smartphone of 2017 is:  Xiaomi Mi A1

 Xiaomi Mi A1, the phone that brought Android One back from the dead. Xiaomi has been making some great phones and the Mi A1 is no exception. It is better than its competition in most aspects. It looks way more premium than any other phones in this range, the dual camera is pretty good, and its performance is very good too. It is scheduled to receive Android P when it comes out, and it will receive Android Oreo later this month. Honestly, at this price, you cannot go wrong with Mi A1.


Affordable flagship is phones with flagship level specs with the price that is not insanely high. Just 2 or 3 years back, there was nothing like the affordable flagship, but thanks to OnePlus, whose first smartphone was dubbed ‘The Flagship Killer‘. But now, there are several Affordable flagships like the Mi Mix 2,  Honor 8 pro etc.

Nominees: Mi Mix2, Nokia 8, Honor 8 Pro, Oneplus 5T

Best Affordable Flagships of 2017

The Winner of the Best Affordable Flagship of 2017 is: Oneplus 5T

Oneplus 5T is simply the best affordable flagship smartphone of 2017. Before the Oneplus 5T was released, the Oneplus 5 was launched. Even though the Oneplus 5 did not have a stunning Bezelless display, it was a phone with amazing value for money. But it had some great competition which all was just demolished by the Oneplus 5T. Oneplus 5T brings a beautiful edge to edge bezel-less display and introduces a super-fast face unlock feature, and the dual camera is even better than the Oneplus 5.


Cameras in phones have become so important with DxOmark rating becoming a hype. Earlier this year, the HTC U11 got the highest score-90, then the Note 8 overtook it with the score-94. Then Came the iPhone X which got a really good score of 97, then came the Google Pixel 2 topping the chart till date with a score of 98.

Nominees: HTC U11+, iPhone X, Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 8

Best Camera Smartphones of 2017

The winner of Best Camera Phone of 2017 is: Google Pixel 2

Be it in daytime or lowlight, the Pixel 2 takes some stunning photos. With good colors, details, and sharpness, the Pixel 2 does a good work. One of the features that I liked the most is the portrait mode, it snaps some great photos with the portrait mode, and portrait mode selfies are my favorite and it produces the bokeh effect with its single camera and it depends solely on Google’s advanced algorithm.

Just check out the pic below and you can see how well the Pixel 2 fights with the DSLR:

DSLR vs Pixel 2 Photo Comparison
DSLR vs Pixel 2 Photo Comparison


Nominees: Pixel 2, iPhone X, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8

Best Flagship of 2017

The Winner of the Best Flagship of 2017 is: Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 arrived in March, after the Note 7 disaster, and it took the world by storm. Since then, I haven’t seen a phone as good looking (Except for the placement of the fingerprint scanner), or as feature complete as the S8. It has a gorgeous Edge to edge Bezeless display which has a much subtler curve than the S7 Edge, And it is one of the few flagship phones to have the 3.5mm Jack; It has an iris scanner; But, yes it doesn’t have dual camera, but that’s where the Note 8 comes in. The phone is so compact and yet future-proof, it’s been 7 months since the phone launched and it still looks stunning. Thanks to the curves, the S8 display looks much better than the iPhone X display. But, Yes, S8 has some flaws like the weird positioning of the fingerprint scanner, Bixby Button, but still, the S8 remains the King of flagships.


We just saw some of the best phones of the year. But what about the mobile phones with most advanced and bold technologies, the phones that brought in some new technology. The Pixel 2 brought some great innovations like Visual Core chip, the impressive portrait mode with a single camera. Then there is the Razer phone with a 120 Hz display, a phone that was made specifically for gaming.

Nominees: Razer Phone, Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 8, iPhone X

Best Innovative Smartphone of 2017

The Winner of the Most Innovative Smartphone of 2017 is: iPhone X

There are reasons to hate the iPhone X like the ugly notch, removal of Touch ID, but no one can deny the fact that the Face ID in the iPhone X is a bold new technology. FaceID on the iPhone works pretty well, even though it is not the most secure or the most reliable authenticating system out there, but at least Apple took the risk of trying something new and unique. Let’s get this into perspective: Which (famous) company in the smartphone world has the courage to take such a bold step? No matter what people say, Apple has taken risks and other companies have followed their tech: Oneplus 5T introduced Face Unlock and recently Huawei basically showed off a Face ID and Animoji ripoff. Apart from FaceID, the iPhone’s all glass front just looks futuristic and apple’s AR kit platform has made sure that iPhone X is questionably the most advanced smartphone of 2017.

Wrapping Up

So this wraps up our Best Smartphone Awards of 2017. So which smartphone are you going to buy? Comment your personal favorite smartphone and tell the reason why you love it.

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