5 Best Alternative’s To Android Keyboard

Admit it, the stock Android keyboard feels boring after using it for a month.
To overcome this, there are so many new and fully-featured keyboard app’s in the Google Playstore. But with thousands of app’s, we can’t guarantee whether all of them are safe.

Don’t worry because in this post, we select the 10 best of best secure Android Keyboard App’s that will make text typing feel a lot more awesome in Android.

So here are the TOP 5 Best Alternatives To the Stock Keyboard :

1. Google Keyboard(a.k.a GBoard)

Google knows what’s best for its users. The Gboard from Google has rightfully grabbed the top place in this list because of its ease of use and simplicity combined with the incredible features that will blow your mind.

The GBoard is fast, efficient and a secure keyboard. The best part is that you can customize it to your own needs. You can customize the keyboard hieght,background color, vibrate when tapping and lot more cool things.

Gboard Features

The Gboard is light and not a resource hogger unlike most apps. It also provides you with emoji suggestions when you type. So overall, you can’t go wrong with GBoard.This is also my personal favourite one.

2. SwiftKey

Swiftkey grabbed the second place on our list because of its similarities with Gboard. But the one thing it lacks is that it is a slightly heavy app in older phones. Swiftley can also be customized for your own needs and supports multilingual typing like Google.

3. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma KeyboardChrooma Keyboard

The next on the list is Chrooma keyboard.This is one of my second favourite keyboard because it is one of a kind. Why? Because it has got a really insane feature. The Chrooma keyboard automatically changes it’s style and color nwith respect to the apps you open.

Suppose you open WhatsApp, Chrooma keyboard automatically changes it’s color to green to match the color of WhatsApp. The end result is that you won’t get bored with it. This is really a mind blowing feature which I love to see in other keyboard apps.
Also the Emoji prediction of this app is really great compared to Swift Key and Gboard. It suggests you Emoji’s for every object you type in.

Flesky keyboard
Flesky keyboard is a lightweight keyboard which focus on providing you with a more improved typing speed. The best thing about this keyboard is that you can add or remove features using extension’s. Thus making it more lightweight. 
Cheetah keyboard is a 3D keyboard that supports smart reply and gesture typing all the ones in this list.Cheetah Keyboard boasts of having a huge collection of Emoji’s and GIF images.It also has a new hello Kitty theme right now…

Wrapping up

So these are the 5 best of best keyboards you can try from the play store. Do you have any suggestions? Mention it through the comments, I absolutely love installing new apps and would surely give it a try. If I missed anything, comment below ?

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