Trace An Email Address in 3 Easy Steps

As you have inferred from the title, this post is about email. Actually its about tracing an email to its sender. This may look impossible, what with all the implications  and formalities,but  luckily there’s a way.So, you might have had an occasion when a person sends you an abusive or threatening email and you obviously want to know who sent it.
email button in keyboard
Email button in keyboard
Well, this post helps you know the  basic things to do to recognize a potential stalker. Normally, what you would do is file a case but by doing these simple steps you can easily skip the hassles of doing that. As you well know, finding out the exact identity of the sender is technically not possible but you can know the basic info like IP address, location and internet server provider.
STEP 1: The first step is to open the email headers of the particular email. Email Headers are basically the essential part which tells you the properties of the email containing info about the route taken by the email from the senders computer to your device.
Opening the Email Headers, in Gmail is simple enough. First click on the Down arrow button on the top right corner of the screen and click on Show Original option. Select the email headers displayed and copy it to your clipboard.
Not using Gmail?.No problem. Open the Email Headers by going to the Properties or Settings of your email account.   Now after that is over, open your browser, to whatismyipaddress. There will be a Trace Email button in the left menu. Click on it to open the email tracing tool. This tool analyses an email header and finds the identity and location of the sender.
STEP 2: After starting the email tracing tool paste the email headers in the space provided and click the Get Source button.
STEP 3:  The Email Tracing tool will analyse the email headers and …ta daa…the IP address, location, and ISP of the sender will be displayed on the screen.
The type of email headers created while sending an email, may vary depending upon the type of email service providers.Email tracing tool can give you the results you want depending on how detailed the email headers are. These steps just help you to know the location and IP address of the sender. For finding out more, hiring help is recommended.

So, this is how you can trace an email address back to its sender. Hope this post helped you. Do keep visiting us for more tech tricks and tips,how-tos,reviews and many more.If you have any new ways to track email address, do mention it in the comments…


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