How To Improve & Optimize Your Smartphone’s Battery To Last Longer

Nowadays , most smartphones are packed with decent quality batteries with higher capacities and those which lasts longer. But still we are getting only 3-7 hrs of battery life under full charge. This mainly depends on the way android utilizes your smartphones battery and how well your android system is optimized.

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If you have installed a lot of apps in your smartphone, there is a huge probability that your phones battery life will suffer.Most apps you installed runs in your phone’s background and consumes your CPU and battery. There are many smartphone battery saving apps in the Playstore that claims to improve your battery health and increase the charging speed of your phone. Please note that these are all fake claims and what most of these app does is simply kill all apps running in your phone(even those needed).

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In this post, we will show you tested and 100% working tips to reduce your smartphone’s battery consumption and in turn increase its battery life. We will also give you tips to better charge your smartphone,some lifesaver battery tips etc.

So without further adieu, lets get started.


The first thing to do if you want to save your battery is to charge it efficiently. Avoid using fast chargers, if your phone does not support them. This tends to heat up your battery and reduce its life. Although you may be able to charge your battery faster with a fast charging capability, please keep in mind that if your phone doesn’t support it, you will lose charge faster than the time taken to charge it.

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Try to not use your smartphone while charging, it  will speed up the charging process and reduce the heat on your battery if you don’t use it while charging. Most recent smartphones comes with Li-ion or Li-Po batteries. This is a newer technology and like the older convention these batteries do not depend on charge cycles. Although it does not depend on charge cycles, these batteries need a minimum charge in its cells to maintain its healthy condition.They  will get a reduction in their capacity when the charge is below 40%. So to keep your battery healthy make sure you charge your phone when it gets close to 40%.

One of the myth about batteries is that if you keep charging them even after its fully charged , it will reduce your battery life. Please note that this is only a myth, your smartphones charger has a small circuitry in it that checks whether the battery is fully charged and thus controls the charging process.

Lastly, if you use a different charger unlike the one that came with your phone, you will spoil the charger as well as your battery. If the charger provides an output voltage higher than what your phone supports, your battery will soon get heated up and damage its cells.But if your charger comes with a lower output voltage, your phone will probably suck more power from it and that in turn puts more stress on your charger, thereby reducing its lifespan.So always use your manufacturer’s original smartphone charger!!


STEP 1 : Turn off unnecessary vibration and haptic feedback.

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While haptic feedback may be good but this might be a huge battery killer. Your phone’s vibrator uses a lot of your battery for vibration.So turning haptic feedback should definitely give you more juice from your battery.

STEP 2 : Turn hardware radios OFF

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When your are not using your smartphone make sure you turn off unnecessary hardware radios like WiFi,Bluetooth,GPS etc off. These hardware radios suck more power from your battery. Also always use WiFi when you have access to it rather than using Mobile Data. The reason being, mobile data consumes more battery as compared to WiFi. This can also reduce your monthly data bills.

STEP 3 : Remove unnecessary widgets

Another tips to improve battery life is to remove unnecessary widgets from your homescreen. Widgets which uses location services and data in the background consumes more power. Also these widgets stay in memory even when the screen is locked.Removing some of them from the homescreen will drastically reduce your battery usage.

STEP 4 : Use a dark(blacker) wallpaper

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If you are using 2017 latest smartphones, your phone might probably have an AMOLED display. AMOLED is a newer display technology that uses less screen power and displays true black images.Using a black wallpaper will not provide much improvement with AMOLED displays but it will be a lifesaving tip for other smartphones users without AMOLED display.

Never use live wallpapers they cause too much CPU usage and therefore reduce your battery life.

STEP 5 :  Control apps which uses Location Services

Go to settings and choose the apps which have access to your location. This ensure’s your privacy and also helps in reducing battery consumption.

STEP 6 : Hibernate Apps

If you cant kill all the apps in the memory, you can hibernate them instead. Use an app called Greenify which lets you hibernate all apps in memory. Greenify works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. However if you want more control you need to root your smartphone.

STEP 7 : Reduce Heat on the Device

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Try as far as possible not to heat up your device. Heat is the worst enemy of your smartphones battery. Heat build-up can cause your smartphone’s battery cells to die and reduce its lifespan.When your device gets heated up more than usual stop charging and using it for 5-10 mins.

What do you think about these, have you tried any of them and found them useful? Tell us your opinion in the comments section. Also if you have any suggestion, just mail me .

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