Bought a New Laptop? Here Are 6 Things You Can Do To Set It Up

So finally you have bought your dream Laptop or it was gifted  by someone seeing your top grades (chuckles). You are so much excited at the prospect of opening it up in front of everyone and using it.

Laptop image
Laptop image (Pixabay)

Even though Smartphone’s are the new trend and it can do most of the things a laptop can perform, still having a laptop is worth it. But before you start using it, wouldn’t it be better if you could set it up the way you want in the beginning itself rather than doing it after weeks and months of usage? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!!

Here are things you should or rather you can do to protect your privacy and set your new Lappy the way you wanted :

1. Update the Operating System

I thought of starting my list with installing an antivirus, but moving in a logical way updating your operating system should be the first thing you must do.

Most probably your laptop might come preinstalled with Microsoft Windows, if it does’nt you’ll have to install it using the USB or DVD provided. The product key must be integrated along with your BIOS or will be present in the back of your laptop.

Automatic Updates
Automatic Updates (Flickr)

There are threats which depend on software vulnerabilities to gain access to the target system. Updating   adds a new layer of security to your laptop.For updating your OS go to Windows Updates and select check for updates option. Let  Windows automatically download all the updates for your system.After downloading the updates, it will ask for reboot permission, click Ok and reboot your machine.

Make sure you check for updates regularly, this ensure maximum protection form threats.

2. Install an Antivirus Software

Antivirus are those great piece of utilities that helps us from malware’s and viruses on our laptop,thus keeping it safe and secure. The internet is full of threats, installing an antivirus keeps your laptop on full guard. If anything tries to gain access to your laptop antivirus should definitely block the attempt.

Security image
Security by Aalishan Matrix(Flickr)

Installing just any ordinary antivirus utility is not enough, make sure its a reputed one from a reputed company.My personal favorites are Kaspersky, Avast and Bitdefender. They are really good in keeping threats at bay. Apart from installing an antivirus utility, make sure you update its virus definitions.

3. Remove Bloatware

Trust me, most well known laptop companies install bloatware and other trial version of software which you might never actually need for your laptop. You might be thinking what they will gain by installing these bloatware,well Guess what? this actually works like advertisements. They install bloatware on the Laptops and in turn they will get paid for installing.

Bloatware image by Portal GDA (Flickr)

Your Laptop is surely gonna suck in performance in the days to come if you don’t uninstall these bloatware software’s. But the main problem with this task is it takes time to remove them manually from your laptop. So you can make use of a software called PC Decrapifier, which is one of the best tools in removing bloatware’s with very little effort.

4. Install & Update Drivers

Next we need to install and update the drivers on our laptop. Driver are small pieces of code which acts as a link between the hardware and software.

good system
Good System from Google images

For example: You have got a gaming mouse for your laptop and it has got various macro function and many buttons on it. But Windows doesn’t know its full features ie how many buttons it has, what is it capable of etc. So it will treat the gaming mouse just as any ordinary mouse. To overcome this, manufactures write drivers with all information about the hardware, so you can enjoy all its features.

Updating your driver’s regularly fixes any sort of bugs you experience with your hardware and can also improve the overall stability of your Operating System.

5. Use Ninite To Install Your Favorite Software’s

If you are a tech savvy user, you probably might know the pain of downloading all the software one by one and installing them.This is really a time-consuming task. Luckily we have an app which helps us in installing all the software with a single installer.

Ninite image by Sean MacEntee (Flickr)

For this, just go to Ninite website and  select the software’s you want to install on your laptop. You will be be provided with a file to download. Download the file and run it on your laptop. It will automatically start downloading and installing all the software’s you selected one by one.

The best part of Ninite is it is fully automatic you don’t have to run each software’s installer, Ninite will take care of that and will notify when everything is installed and set up.

6.Flash your BIOS(optional)

If you know a lot about computer and have practical knowledge in them, you can also try flashing your BIOS to a newer version if you want. Updating your BIOS to a newer version fixes any bugs (if there) and also improves the stability of the system.

BIOS image by OI123 (flickr)

You can visit your laptop’s manufacturer’s website for more details on flashing your BIOS.

What do you think about your new laptop? Do you have any new ideas to set it up other than the ones listed here? Well share your thought’s through the comments section because…you know…SHARING is CARING

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