Top 5 Best Free Android Apps For September 2017

With hundreds of apps getting published to the play store weekly, it’s hard to find which one is the best and whether it’s worth the download. So if you are bored with your existing apps or just want to try out some new good apps, we have a compiled a list of the top apps for the month – September.


You might know about the mathematical apps like PhotoMath, where you take the photos of the Math problem and they will instantly give you a solution. But Socratic is way better than those apps. 

Socratic shows you each step of the working and it goes further, it can actually answer worded questions as well. It will give you a detailed answer, that includes Q&A, Videos and even diagrammatic representation of the answer.

Material Cards

Well, an icon pack must be there on this list. This is one of the best icon packs I have ever used, and I will tell you why. Material Cards completely changes the shape of every single icon into a rather unusual rectangular shape which keeps things fresh but at the same time, there is quite a large variety of well designed high quality colorful vibrant and material icons already there.

Reverse Dictionary

I don’t even need to explain the functionality of this app because you know what this app is gonna do. But anyway for those who didn’t get it, Reverse Dictionary allows you to type in the description of a word and the app tells you what the word is. So, for example, there might be times where you remember the characteristics of a thing like a food or fruit but just can’t remember what the name was, well then this app is for you.

Well, this an innovative interesting app. So have you ever lost your phone only to realize that you placed it about 2 meters from where you are standing! 

Well, I am sure a lot of guys have experienced similar situations and this application is essentially meant to stop that. Once installed and turned on, if your phone detects any whistling above a certain volume, an alarm will automatically start ringing. It’s a useful app in certain conditions. 


Essentially this app is a way to make posters very quickly. You can just head on to Google images and download any image you want or even use a photo from your gallery, and the app will automatically use some color filters to make it more post like. 

You can then simply start typing, and it will automatically format your text to make it look more professional. What I like about this app is whilst the customisation level is quite simple, and the end product looks really good.

So those were the top 5 Best Free Android Games for September 2017. Hope you liked the article, and if you have any suggestion, leave a comment.

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