Newsified – NEWS Reading App Review

Reading the newspaper will probably be the first thing you do in early morning hours. But with the introduction of smartphones, now we use our phones to read daily NEWS . The advantage of using smartphones for this purpose is that it is free of cost and the NEWS is updated on an hourly basis.

There are numerous apps on the playstore that provide you with daily news. The famous ones are DailyHunt(a.k.a News Hunt), beebom, times of india etc. Almost all the best apps in play-store is unique in some way or the other.

Now talking about unique apps, here is review about free and unique news reading app called Newsified developed by Aditya Sarma. What’s so unique about this app is that it provides news from souces like times of india, the Hindu, techcrunch and supports over 30+ sources.This app by default shows you all the news but you have the freedom to show news  from a particular source only, which is a feature missing in similar app’s like this. Newsified app uses the News API which is used by many news reading apps.

The images in this app are cached so that you don’t have to waste your precious data while trying to read a particular news again. Besides Newsified doesn’t require any special permission for usage other than internet connectivity. Newsified requires that you have at least Android 5.0 Lollipop. The latest version as of the time of writing this post  is 2.1.1.

Now talking about the disadvantages of this app, the UI of Newsified needs to be a little bit more optimized and the app crashed when there was no internet connectivity during our tests. Also talking about fonts used in this app, the fonts are not formatted correctly,there are places where there are some unknown character’s in the news.

Overall Newsified is a good app if you don’t care about the UI and needs a fast,data-saving news-reading app.You can download it from here

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