You may  come across this type of error in GOOGLE CHROME while browsing the internet. This error occurs when the computer is unable to connect with DNS (Domain Naming System) and provide a unique IP address for your computer.This may or may not be due to a bad network configuration.
There are various types of DNS errors like DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD CONFIG, NXDOMAIN etc.This error usually occurs unexpectedly and restarting the router or modem may serve as the quick fix for this error. But if that doesn’t fix DNS probe error, then continue reading.
Here are the steps you can try to fix your DNS error in GOOGLE Chrome :

1. Release/Renew IP Address

In this method you will be releasing or unlocking your current IP address and renewing it. If the problem is with the IP address then this method should work for you.
STEP 1 : Open command Prompt, you can do this by pressing Win Key+R and then typing “cmd” in run dialog.
STEP 2 : In the command prompt window , type-in  ipconfig/release. This command release the current IP address so that we can renew it.
STEP 3 : Now after releasing the IP , type in ipconfig/renew. This will renew your IP address.
STEP 4 : Open your favorite browser and check if the problem is fixed.

2. Flushing the DNS

In the command Prompt Window type-in “ipconfig/flushdns“. This command flushes/clears the DNS cache of your network.

Alternatively you can type in “netsh winsock reset catalog“. You can use this command if “ipconfig/flushdns” is not working for you.

3. Tweaking DNS settings 

If both of the above methids didnt work for your connection, then you try this method. It requires a minor tweaking in the DNS settings of your PC. But if done correctly this might fix your DNS problems.

Right Click on Network icon in taskbar then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

Now from the Left pane, find and Click Change Adapter Settings. This will Open up Network Connections.
You will be presented with a new window with all Network Connections, Right Click on Active Connection and select Properties.

Now look for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), Double Click on it to open its Properties.
In the Properties Window, Click on Use the Following DNS Server Addresses and Type in in Preferred DNS Server and  in Alternate DNS Server Just like shown in Below Picture. Then Click on OK.

Now try opening your favorite browser and see if this fixes your DNS problems. If it still doesnt fix your problems conatct your ISP or try resetting your router or modem.

If you have any suggestions for fixing DNS errors or if you have any doubts, drop a comment.
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