How to Send Full Resolution High Quality Photos and Videos Through Whatsapp // Send Media Over 16 mb !!!

Are you one of the mant people who were forced to send an email even to your friends in the world of Whatsapp and Facebook and that too just because Whatsapp doesn’t let you send photos and videos over 16 mb and also reduces the quality of photos sent ?. Here is a soulution

STEP 1 – Go to a Whatsapp Group or Chat ( wherever you want to share the HQ media ) and Click on the PaperClip Icon.
STEP 2 – Now instead of clicking on Gallery ( like you must be usually doing ) click on Documents

STEP 3 – Click on the Hamburger Menu with Browse other Docs written on it

STEP 4 – Now all the Images should appear if not click on the Hamburger Menu on the top right of your screen ( towards your left hand ) ( those three lines ) and select images or Gallery whatever you prefer .

Horray you just did it . Make sure to share this with friends and family to save their time .

Click on the image to know more

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