5 Cool Windows 10 Command Prompt Tips & Tricks You Should Know

With an interface as attractive as Windows 10’s is, it is easy to forget that the OS  comes with a command prompt as well.Even though the command prompt in Windows is not as powerful as the UNIX style terminal, it can be used to do a variety of tasks. For instance, you could even create a WiFi hotspot using the command prompt or cmd for short.

So without any further adieu lets get started :

1. Encryption

Encryption is one of the best methods out there which can ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized access. The Command Prompt in Windows lets you encrypt your precious data files. even though we don’t know the quality of encryption provided by Microsoft Windows, a low-level encryption is probably better than nothing at all.

Simply launch the command prompt window and change your working directory to where your data files are by using the”cd” command. For example, if my files are located in D:Blog Files, then type in “cd D:Blog Files”. Once done type in “Cipher /e”. Command Prompt will start encrypting the files inside that folder. If you have different user accounts, other users can’t access your data without decrypting them with your user password.

2. Changing the CMD color schemes

Let’s admit it, the default colors in command prompt are kind of boring and don’t really grab a lot of attention. So why not change the color scheme of CMD to make it more lively and inspiring. This trick will let you customize your Command Prompt to your likeness.

Type in “help color” in cmd window, this will give us a list of the color codes (number and alphabets). Once you have decided your color scheme simply type in “color  ‘your favourite color code’  ” in the cmd window.For example, I love the green color so I would type in “color 2”.

3. Changing the Prompt  Text

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the command prompt in Windows displayed [email protected] or something like that instead of the default text. So lets see how we can change this.

Simply type in “prompt” command followed by the text that you want the prompt to read then press enter key on keyboard. For example i will be typing “prompt [email protected]” If you wan to know what all characters are supported in prompt simply type “help prompt”.

4. Change Window Title Text

We are still not done with the customization , so why not change the title bar text ? Simply type in “title ‘your title’ “. For example, you can type “title technorivals” to change the window title to technorivals.

5. Watch Star Wars

This one’s one of the best trick. Do you know you can watch star wars episode in command prompt ? You will be able to watch Star War’s in the form of ASCII text. Its pretty exciting to watch it in command prompt if you ask a geek like me 🙂

Go to Command Prompt and type in the command exactly as shown below :

“telnet blinkenlights.nl ” (without quotes)

The ASCII version of stars war begins playing immediately 🙂

So these are 5 cool and awesome Command Prompt Tricks You Can Try On Your new Windows 10. Have another cool and awesome trick? Let us know about it in the comments section. Who know’s, maybe you could win a free Amazon gift Card.

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