Xiaomi Mi Max 2 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which is the Fastest?

Xiaomi Mi Max is the latest smartphone from the Mi Smartphone makers Xiaomi. Talking about the specification, we get a 6.44-inch Full-HD screen, it’s pretty big so that makes it a Phablet. The xiaomi Mi max 2 runs on MIUI 8 based on android 7.1.1, MIUI 9 is going to be launched on July 26 along with Mi5X, so it’s sure mi max is going to get it. It is powered by an octa core snapdragon 625 clocked at 2GHz, coupled with 4gb of Ram and Adreno 5o6 GPU. 

Even though the iPhone is about 5 times costlier than the Mi max 2, it will be fun comparing these 2 devices. 

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which is the fastest?

We are not going deep into its specs as this article is speed test comparison between the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and the iPhone 7 Plus. 

Software: Mi max 2- MIUI 8 on Android 7.1.1
                   iPhone 7 Plus- iOs 11 beta 2 

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 vs A10 Fusion 


iPhone boots faster than Mi Max 2
I found that iPhone 7 boots faster than the Mi Max, even after the boot Image is gone it takes some seconds for the Mi Max to become usable.

Launching apps

Both Phones performed well in launching in-built apps
While launching the inbuilt apps like Camera, music player etc. , I found that both Phones did pretty well, I couldn’t find a difference. They opened up simultaneously.

Here we can see Twitch has finished loading in iPhone while Mi Max is still loading

Launching 3rd party apps: This is usually where the iPhone is a little bit faster because of the optimization of iOs. It is the same case here. iPhone launches 3rd party apps a bit faster than Mi Max. But in my opinion, this might change in the upcoming MIUI 9, as it features faster app launches. But for now, iPhone is the winner. 

Launching Games: I tried Fifa 17, Real Boxing 2, Mortal Combat X and Injustice and here also iPhone is the winner. iPhone launches games much much faster than the Redmi Max. 

So in this section, we have a clear winner: iPhone 7 


 I had about 15-20 apps in the background, and I didn’t feel any lag in both the devices. But when it comes to opening an app from the background, android reloads the page, hence more time is consumed whereas, iPhone opens the app from the point where we left off, thus saving us some time. 

Apps load faster from Background in iPhones
Talking about games, When I launched Injustice from the background iPhone didn’t load the game again, but it restored it from where I left off, but the Mi Max 2 Relaunched the app. So I think iPhone is much better in ram management. 

Games reload in Android while iPhone loads it from the last known point
But in this matter too, the upcoming MIUI 9 is said to fix all the Ram management issues in their phones. 


You guys might be thinking that I made this article just to denounce the Xiaomi Mi Max 2, but you are wrong. From the price range of view, The Mi Max 2 is about 4 times less price than the iPhone 7. Even in this big difference, the Xiaomi Max 2 is performing above avenge. 

Click on the image to know more

In my opinion, the Mi Max 2 is the best phone you can get in this price range. I hope you guys liked the article, and share your views in the comment section below. 

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