Chang Hong H2 – The Smartphone With an Extraordinarly Unique Feature :)

Remember how exciting a new phone used to be, sure smartphones keep getting better. But better is it good enough? We want a phone to change the way we live.

Introducing the new Chang Hong H2, the only smartphone with material sensor that can scan and analyse physical materials. The H2’s material sensors absorbs light reflected back from an objects, breaks it down into a spectrum and analyses it to determine its chemical makeup. Every object has a unique molecular fingerprint, the h2 is the only phone that can read it. 

It brings the power of laboratory to the everyday, revealing the world of information never accessible before, from the sweetness of a fruit of the shelf to biometrics from your biceps. 

The h2 gives us the ability to discover more. Now your phone can verify your phones authenticity and warn you if something’s not right.Its a brand new way to experience the world and all the sweetie stuff it has to offer. 

Imagine a future where a phone can scan your face and bring the real world into a virtual game.This smartphone is rocking with a high density polymer battery having a capacity of 3000 mah , a fingerprint sensor and a 6 inch full HD display.

This smartphone features a metal aircraft grade aluminium frame, 16 megapixel auto focus camera and a style molecular sensor. The H2 gives us an option to become excited again.The Chang Hong H2, exciting is back!!

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