Android App Development For Beginners: Introduction

One fine day, lying on my bed, preparing to go to sleep (That’s when my imagination/Creative part of my Brain becomes active), an amazing app idea struck me. 

That night I almost didn’t go to sleep, I just kept on thinking about developing an Android application and making Millions. But there was one small problem, and that was: ‘I didn’t know Android Programming’.

‘I didn’t know Android Programming’.

The next day, like any others, I Googled Android programming, and to my surprise, most of them were just paid courses, and I didn’t have money to buy them. That’s when I was determined that I will study Android App Development, and I will make sure that other broken guys like me, will get a chance to study Android Programming.

Googling ‘Android Programming’

So in this article, I am not going to show you how to develop an android app in 5 minutes or 30 minutes, because those articles you find on the internet are not that useful because you can develop a hello world app in 5 minutes, but that’s not what you want. You want to become an Android developer, and developing a hello world program won’t make you an Android programmer.

So this is not going to end in one article, this is a series, where I want you to fully understand the whole ‘Android Programming’ thing.

So buy my ebook for $99 from here…..Nah, I am just Kidding. What I share on this website is free because I know the feeling of a  broken person who wants to study Android Programming.

This is not going to be small series because being an Android Developer is not an easy task. I will be going through everything thoroughly, and If you guys have any doubt, the comment section is yours. I will reply to your doubt within 24 hours.

This was just an introduction article, the real journey begins with the next one. We need to be together on this journey, so your motivational comments are highly appreciated.

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