5 Cool Google Map Tricks & Hidden Features (2018)

Google Maps is used by billions of people worldwide. This service from Google enables you to explore any place on earth, view directions to your home or work, see real-time traffic in your area etc. Google Maps also offers Satellite imagery, 360 degree panorama view of street (Street view).

Google Maps was originally a C++ application designed by  Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen at where 2 Technologies. Google acquired the company in October 2004 and converted it to a web application.


1.Share real-time location

Google Maps always allows you to view your original location including your current location.However, a recent update allows you to share your real time location with multiple people. The new feature is available in the navigation drawer of Google maps (hamburger button). It will ask you whether you want to share the location for 1 hrs or multiple hours, or you can share it till you it off manually.

The location is then shared through any application like Whats-app, Gmail etc.

2. Save your Parking Location

Google Maps now lets you save your parking location, just tap on the blue dot button which shows your location and you will see an option which says “Save Your Parking location”. tap on it and you will see many option, edit your required fields and just save it.

3. Add Multiple Stops While Navigating

Imagine you are taking a long journey from one place to another, you will of course need to stop for food breaks, refilling fuels , tea breaks etc. Well, Google maps has made this job easy for you. When you’re navigating to some place simply click on the three button on the top right and then click on “Add Stop”.Just repeat the same to save as many stops as you like. 

Google Maps also lets you choose the priority of your stops with ease, simply drag your stops upward or downwards accordingly.

4. Travel with Time

One of the best and my personal favorite is the ability to time travel.This feature is a part of the Google Maps website since 2014,but not many people know about this feature.As you probably have guessed from the name, the time travel feature lets you view the street view images from different years.

The time travel feature shows what important changes have been made to building(visual changes) and overalll this is a cool and awesome feature of Google Maps

5. Avoid Toll Roads While Driving

Troll Roads are the worst roads in these times especially when there is lots of traffic. Thankfully, Google Maps lets you avoid troll roads. While navigating, click on the three dot menu button and click on Route Options. From there check the avoid troll routes option, you’re good to go.

There are also options to avoid motorways, once done googe maps will ensure that it avoids troll routes and other routes you specified.However, do keep an mind that Google Maps might take you to longer route.

So these are the top 5 Google Map tricks to make you more productive, hope you loved my post. If you have any suggestion dont forget to write it out through the comments section. I really value your comments!!
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