5 Chrome Extensions That Are Amazingly Useful :)

GOOGLE CHROME browser by Google is used by millions of people worldwide. The introduction of Chrome Store has made this browser truly awesome. So in this post im gonna show you the 10 Chrome Browser Extensions that are amazingly useful.

1. The Great Suspender

As most of you have experienced chrome can be a great resource hog, the great suspender is a light weight which helps to.chromes memory footprint . If have too many tabs open at the same time, this extension will suspend each tab. the tab will be restored whenever you need it just by clicking that tabs page.This helps to make sure there are no memory leaks and excessive java script running from your tabs.

Some of the key settings of this extension are :

In general settings there are options to automatically suspend tabs after one hour. if your running on older computer and have low system ram i would suggest you turn on this feature.

There are also option to choose from light or dark themes.The best thing is that you can also whitelist sites that you dont have to suspend.

2. WikiWand Wikipedia Modernized

If you visit Wikipedia frequently, Wikiwand is one of the great extension to change the look and feel of Wikipedia. It also gives you an improved reading experience for Wikipedia. Wiki wand is an award-winning interface that cleans up the layout for improved readability. 

What’s so great about this extension is that it is lightweight for a memory hogger like chrome and once you install it, you can forget about it.So overall this is a must have extension if your’re a regular Wikipedia user.

3. Honey

This is one of the best chrome extension for shopping online.You can check for sales on retailers website and during checkout this app shows if there are any useful coupons. if there are any coupons, honey will automatically apply them to your shopping cart.

Its really easy to use, when you first land on the shopping site click on the honey button on the top right corner. Then proceed to checkout. Honey will probably show you with the coupons during checkout and will apply them for you.

The sad thing is that honey only supports supports shopping site from United states, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India as well as sites that serve global customers.


Grammarly as the name have suggested, helps to improve your grammar skills by finding mistakes on nearly any place ont the web that you can type including Facebook,Gmail,twitter and many more.There is a demonstration website on the grammarly website which gives pretty good examples.

This app is not a spell checker , it also make sure you’re using words in a proper context and checks for other grammatical errors.Overall, Grammarly is the best app or extension for spell checking which I personally use on my blog.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

This extension was created by the Tor Project and Electronic Frontier Foundation. It helps to encrypt your internet browsing experience by overwriting the insecure HTTP requests to the more secure HTTPS requests. With ‘HTPS everywhere’ turned on, you will be able to connect to a more secure network and protect your privacy.

So these were 5 best and amazing chrome extension you must have!! If you loved my post say a word of thanks through the comments section. If you have any suggestions, post it in the comments, we really love hearing from our fellow readers.


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