Zombie Catchers Game : Review

Everyday programmers upload a great variety of Apps and Games to the play-store. Most of them soon becomes a success while others fail to grab users attention. Gaming has been taken to the next level with the introduction of smartphones.

Play store provides a great variety of game categories like Action, Arcade, Adventure, board, Strategy etc. So users can download any game of his/her likeness. There are also several games/apps handpicked by the Play store editors with the label “Editors choice”.

If your unsure of which games/apps to download, it is always worth the time to check the “Editors choice” as the play store editors only marks the best of best apps/games as editors choice.So today i’m here with a fun and addicting game released in playstore which is of course, marked as editors choice.

The Game is called zombie Catcher , developed by Two men and a Dog. The game has over 10 million downloads and a 4.7 overall user rating.This game from Two men and a Dog is an action adventure game where your job is to capture the zombies and crush them to pulp 🙂

The game features A.J and Bud two inter galactic businessmen who decided to start a new business and save the planet earth from zombie invasion. They are running a company which makes fresh juices and the main ingredient is the zombies, yuck… The game has so many kinds of weapons to capture the zombies and also includes a jet pack.Drones help find the zombies in an area.Zombies usually hide inside deep underground holes and you’ll have to use the brains (a things which attracts them) to lure them out.Once they are out from the holes, use your favorite weapons to catch them.

Overall this game is really addicting and a must try one in my opinion, but the only drawback is that the drones take about 8-9 min to find the zombies which can be boosted by using plutonium, a costly substance in the game which is rare.

So, if you love zombie hunting games, please give Zombie Catcher a try and let us know through the comments whether you loved Zombie Catcher or not.

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