Top 5 Cool Tech Under ₹250 (2017)

We all do online shopping from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc, In my case, I use it mostly to buy tech gadgets. There is some cool tech that is available under ₹250. So what are we waiting for, lets dive in!

1. HP X1000 Wired Mouse – ₹199(Amazon)

The first thing on our list is the HP X1000 Wired Mouse. This wired mouse is pretty lightweight weighing at just 91 grams. It looks fantastic with a glossy black top along with the metallic gray shine. It has an optical sensor and three buttons, also you get a scroll wheel. The mouse is fairly compact and really easy to use. It’s fairly economical for the price that it’s available at and it works well. So If you want an additional mouse that you can just throw in your bag and take with you, this one will definitely come in handy.

2. Photron Selfie Flash –  ₹219(Amazon)

If you are into selfies, this Photron FL100 Portable 16 LED Selfie Flash will come in handy. It has an inbuilt battery which charges for about 1 hour to give you 100 hours of usage. It has 16 LED lights that you can point in any direction. You also get a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and what that does is hold the LED light in position while you click pictures. 

So you can plug it into your phone and it does not draw power from your phone, you can turn it around and use it as a flash for video recording with the rear camera or you can use it a selfie flash. It’s fairly well built and should last very long time if you like selfies, this is a definite must.

3. Self Stirring Mug – ₹230(Flipkart)

As it’s name says it can stir liquid by itself, but you have to press a button. There is a little motor inside the cup, and to power this motor, it takes 2 AAA Batteries. This mug also comes with a cap. With this mug you can make a great coffee, lime juice, milkshakes or any kind of simple drinks and you can do make drinks without using a spoon or another mug to mix the contents. 

4. 6 Port 3.5mm Multi Headphone Splitter – ₹249(Amazon)

There are some situations when you have to share multimedia with your friends through earphones, but unfortunately, a phone has only one audio jack (Some phones don’t even have one). So guys at that time we can use this splitter to five headphones or earphones as one port is used by the aux cable. So guys its a really great way to share multimedia with your friends.

5. LED solar lantern with USB charging – ₹229(Amazon)

This Solar LED Lantern comes in handy if you are camping or if you are in a small trip. It’s very portable. And not only that, I was amazed by the fact that you can charge your phone with this lantern. The capacity is not too high but it’s useful for getting about 15-20% of charge. This lantern can be charged in 3 different ways, first is with solar power, 2nd with AC adapter, and the cable comes with the box and 3rd with 3 AAA batteries. It also has a red Led indicator to mention if it’s charging or not. For all this it will cost you only about ₹230 or so.

So these were some cool tech under ₹250, Comment below the ones you liked and whether you want articles like this. If you liked this article do share it with your friends. 

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