30+ NEW iOS 11 Hidden Features & Changes!(Updated Daily)

The first iOS 11 betas went live for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, if you are wondering what are the new features in iOS 11, we have posted an article covering the main features of iOS 11, you can check it out here: 5 cool iOS 11 features in this article.

In this article, I am gonna show you 30+ small but awesome hidden features in iOS 11 that you shouldn’t miss. This article will be updated daily to add more features, that’s why it’s said “30+”. So, what are we waiting for, lets Dive in!

1. Landscape Lock Screen

Let’s start with the lock screen, Apple really didn’t tell you this, but there is a landscape option now for all sizes, so whether you have the smaller 6, 6s or 7 or the Plus sizes, you will find it similar to the iPad Landscape lock screen Interface.

2. Slide Up for Older Notification

 Also if you now slide up, you will see older notifications on the lock screen, so this completely replaces the notification center. 

3. New Animation When Unlocking

 There’s also a new animation when unlocking the device. It slides up with a cool effect.

4. No more Slide on Notifications to Open/Delete

You are no longer able to slide a notification to clear it or open the application that the notification is related to.

5. New Lock Screen Music Player

There is a new Music Player on the lock screen which works very well with notification. SO if you ever get one I will share Screen space with other notifications instead of blocking the entire display.

6. Flatter Passcode Interface

If you do use a Passcode, you will notice that there is a change in the Passcode Interface. There’s no longer any outlines and the bolded text inside is a little cleaner.

7. Tap Power button 5 times for Emergency SOS

Quickly Tap the power button 5 times from the lock screen to get the emergency SOS slider. That way you can call Emergency services and whichever contacts you have in there.

8.Cellular Signal Dots replaced with classic Bar Look

Taking a look at the Status, you will notice that there are no longer the five dots instead it’s the classic bars that have been around since the beginning of the iPhone.

9. Only 4 bars instead of 5

Now there are only 4 bars as the signal strength instead of 5, that’s an interesting small change.

10.Battery Icon Made more distinct

Battery Icon now is a little bit different, seems the border has changed a little, look’s very clean.

11. VPN Icon changed

If you do have VPN, there is a new cleaner icon in the status bar.

12.New Vibration when plugging into charge

If you guys do have iOS 11, and you place your device in Charge, you will notice that the vibration feels really different.

13. Customizable Control Center Toggles

The control Center is completely customizable now. Now you have a ton of new toggles that you can select from, and arrange them in any order you want.

14. Full Apple Tv remote in Control Center

There is Apple TV remote in the control Center, and 3D touching on it brings up the several Apple TV remotes that you can download from the App store built into the control Center.

15. 3D Touch Flashlight Toggle now has 4 Stages

One of my favorite parts of being in the control center is the 3D touch flashlight icon. Before you only had 3 settings, now you have four, it’s very easy to activate, you can just slide up and down.

16.New animation when opening/closing Apps

There’s a very pleasant animation when opening/closing applications, it’s a little bit different. It’s slower, but I am sure Apple will work on it.

17. App switcher Animation Changed

The animation when entering the app switcher is very cool & Modern, slides in from the right with a nice blur effect.

18. 3D touch Edge Feature Removed

A feature I am very sad to see go that I use all the time is the edge 3D touch to enter the app switcher, that is no longer available for whatever reason.

19. New Screen Shot interface

Taking screen shots has a new interface altogether. It seems to be inspired from the jailbreak community, to be honest. When you click on the screenshot you can immediately mark up the image, resize it, crop it, do whatever you like.

20.New Animation/Physics When moving applications

Now when you go to move applications you’ll notice the new physics behind it, the animation is a little bit different, the apps just seem very sticky as they don’t drag easily.

21.Move Multiple apps at once

Now you can actually move multiple apps at once, so long press on one app, and with the other finger press, the apps you want and they will go into a little cube which you can move to any of the pages you want. It is super Convenient.

22.No more icon labels on Dock

You will notice the Dock no longer has any icon labels, not sure if its a glitch or a feature, but as soon as you move them, they reappear.

23. Dock Spacing Optimized

You will notice that the Spacing in the Dock is different when you have less than 4 icons compared to iOS 10.

24. Apple Pay Interface when buying apps

When buying applications in the App store you will now get a prompt from Apple Pay, it’s a completely new interface.

25. Apple Pay Cash

When you receive money using Apple Pay, it will go to your Apple Pay cash. You can use this wallet balance to pay for apps, to other users or to transfer to your bank.

26. 32 Bit App Support 

The app store, in general, you will not find any 32-bit Applications in it. Apple has completely removed them. If you have any 32-bit apps before updating that are still on your device, they won’t open. It will say it requires an update to support on iOS 11.

27. New App Store Categories Icons

In the App Store, in the categories, you’ll see new icons for all the categories. They are really neat.

28. Today Tab in the app store

Along with a new tab for Apps and Games, there’s an entirely new Today tab. This will be a great way for users to discover new apps, videos, in-app purchases, features and more every day.

29. App Store now Auto-Plays Videos

Videos now on the App Store will now autoplay whenever you scroll past them

30. Photos & Camera Tab split in two

Inside Settings, the photos and camera Tab is now separate. 

31. One Handed Keyboard

iPhone 6 and above users can tap and hold the Globe key to dock the keyboard either to the left/right side of the screen, making it easier to type with one hand. 

32. Smart Invert is Dark Mode

Inside Settings==>General==>Accessibility==>Display Accomodations==>Invert Colours==>Smart Invert.

Smart Invert is a sort of a Dark Mode for iOS 11. It makes things a lot more usable and a lot more friendly to the eyes in the dark.


Guys don’t think this is an end to the features, as mentioned in the Title, this list will get updated daily with new tricks. If you guys know a cool feature in iOS 11, make sure you add it in the comment section below, I will give credit to you if it’s added in the post.

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