How Ultra Rich People Use The Internet

If you think you are rich, just because you bought the latest iPhone or the latest MacBook, you are so wrong. Also if you think they use Amazon for shopping, Tinder for Dating and Instagram to post photos, you could not be more mistaken. Apparently, the ultra rich people, tend to use the internet very very differently.

So guys, read on to find out the services that the ultra rich people use on the internet.

DISCLAIMER: These websites will make you feel really really poor, so read ahead at your own risk. 😉

James Edition

James edition is the Amazon for the Ultra Rich people. It’s a global luxury marketplace that features items like yachts, luxury Jets, Helicopters, luxury Cars and way more. Basically in James Edition people can buy a $18 million Private jets, $16 million yachts. There’s also some great vintage cars and watches, that at least I can dream of buying. At one point they even had the BatMobile(That’s cool right)

And if this is not enough, there’s an extraordinary section, where you will the first design protected AK-47 Chair, which is, just a chair made up of AK -47’s. This is definitely for someone who doesn’t know where to spend their money.


Instagram is free and it’s awesome, well as it turns out,. the wealthy people out there don’t appreciate free things, so they use RichKids, which claims itself to be the most exclusive social network. Here are some of the pics that the Wealthy post on RichKids:

Well, we poor people can view the photos that the ultra rich people post in the app, a membership in the app requires a subscription of 1000 €/month, which is approximately about ₹70,000, or about $1126. now we can just go to the RichKids app and view the outrageous photos posted by the wealthy bragging about how rich they are.


Tinder is great for people who are single and looking to date someone. Tinder is for the usual us, the usual guys and girls, but the Wealthy uses Luxy. In luxy, over 41% of the members earn more than $1 million.

 Luxy verifies your photos and as well as income and only then can you be a member, well that means there is no way I can be a member in it. If that wasn’t depressing enough, Luxy has recently reported having kicked out more than 40,000 members for being ugly. Even tinder is said to have a select secret app, which is available on an invite basis, for the rich beautiful and famous

Concierge Services

If there is a new concert happening in the city or there is a cool new event upcoming, I don’t go to it. But that’s not what the rich people do. The wealthy uses Concierge Services that complete any of the demands, no matter what they are. Let’s take an example:

Quintessentially is a concierge service that gets anything done, for instance: The service once closed the Sydney harbor bridge for a private client in a special marriage proposal. I bet the girl said Yes. The service has even arranged a party for 300 at the pyramids in Egypt and built a replica bat cave in a batman’s fans room. So no matter what you demand, these services will get it done. Quintessentially is available in 60 cities across the globe including our very own New Delhi.
Replica of the Bat Cave for a fan by Quintessentially


If you are like me, you book economy tickets on a flight, or better yet a train ticket. But the rich people are rich and they are extravagant, to say the least. Book My Charter is the website where the Ultra rich buy their tickets. The website lets you book Private Jets, Helicopter and Yachts and well they aren’t very affordable. 

For instance, if I want to book a private Jet from New Delhi to Bangalore for the next week, it will cost me around ₹10,00,000. These jets come with all the premium services you have only seen in movies.


Well, those were some services that the Ultra Rich use on the Internet. Well, if you liked the article do share it with your friends, and if you are feeling poor just like me comment below about it.

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