6 Android Apps That Will Make Your Phone Stand-Out From The Rest (2017)

Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone. This small hand handheld devices can do a variety of tasks that were once capable of Computers only and these devices are highly customizable both inside and outside. So here are the Top 6 android apps to customize your smartphone and make it stand out from the rest.

Note : Some of the apps works only on Kitkat and above versions of Android.

1. AppInfo Mini    

This wonderful app gives advanced information about the foreground app(currently running app) on  your Phone notification bar such as how much memory is used by that particular App, how much RAM is used etc. It also has a networking meter which shows how much bandwidth is used by a particular foreground app.This app is very useful for those who have low-end smartphones with less RAM or those who are using mobile data as this app helps to estimate which foreground app is causing too much RAM or data usage.

App info mini requires that you enable “App Usage Access” in Android Settings else the App Info Mini is going to be an useless app.

2. Quik – Free Video Editor

The best video editor for Android, you can create new videos seamlessly with this app or edit your videos. The app is developed by GoPro and if you have used most of their apps like Capture, Passenger etc, quite sure that you would love this one too. 

Quik lets you browse through your favorite pics on your phone and add magical features to it. It has a wide variety of transitions, effects etc. You can also share your clip with friends.The editing speed is pretty fast compared to other apps in the same niche. You can even save your videos in HD (1080p) or Standard 720p quality.

4. Dimitrix Icon Pack (Unreleased app)

If you’re an Android user, you probably is tired with the default stock UI of your phone and want some new. Well, Dimitrix is the right start to personalize your Android smartphone according to your style and needs. Dimitrix contains a whole bunch of icons to customize the look of your home screen. This app is inspired by GOOGLE’s material design icons , so you can be sure its gonna rock.

Dimitrix has over 200+  192×192 pixel icons and whats more it offers cool wallpapers to suite your icons!!

4. Gravity Gestures

Want to take your Smartphone to the next level? Wouldn’t it be fun to control your phone with simple gestures you set up on your own? Try Gravity Gestures, the app which brings awesome new functions to your smartphones.

The four gestures you can make with the app are : rotation X, rotation Y, rotation Z and shake.All you have to do is link different actions to these gestures like toggling the wifi, bluetooth,GPS etc ON/OFF, making a call, turn the screen ON/OFF etc.

You can add as many gestures you like and modify or delete the existing ones.The app has auto-start feature which means it can automatically run in background when the smartphone boots up, so you’re free from the hassle of turning it on every time.
The battery consumption of this app is not that high even though the app uses the sensors of your phone in real time.

5. Pixel Navigation Bar

Im sure most of us want to get the feel of the new Pixel Smartphone’s nav bar right onto their phone. So here’s an app named Pixel Navigation bar which lets you customize the nav bar on your phone just like pixel one. For this app to work your phone/ OS should have the Nav bar, the developers explicitly states this.

The best part is that this app does not require root so you can try Pixel Navigation Bar without any fear of bricking your smartphone.Although the Pixel Nav Bar app is great, sometimes the it will not work in some apps.

6. GIF Live Wallpaper

Witch on broom

  Most of us have heard about the live wallpaper feature which is present in almost all Android Devices.But the main draw back is the battery usage, if you’re using live wallpapers on your phone then you probably know that it makes your phone exceptionally power hungry. The battery goes on draining fast. 

This makes most of the smartphone users to refrain from using live wallpapers on their phone even though they love it. GIF Wallpaper brings you the solution to this problem. This app is completely different from live wallpaper as the images are simply in GIF format. GIF images are small moving clip-arts.With GIF Live wallpaper app you can make this small pics to fit your screen and work like a live wallpaper.This method only makes your phone wallpaper look like live ones but they are really GIF format, thus reducing power consumption and in turn saving your battery.


So here are the 6 New Android Apps You Must Have,  if you have any suggestions or if I made a mistake please let me know through the comments.

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