Hi techs, in this post im gonna show you the top 10 tricks you can do with your internet connection.The internet is full of fun places and entertainments. You can get everything in the world right at your fingertips. With search engines like GOOGLE, you will always get what the best possible results for your search query.

So I present to you the top 10 tricks you can do with your internet.

 1. Hacking Leaks

Check if your email is hacked or used for any unauthorized access by going to Then simply enter your email in the search box provided in the site.The click on pwned?. The site which show you the results, even you are safe i suggest you enable the notify me feature , so if your email is ever misused in future they will notify you.

2. Retro Games

Do you like retro games?but don’t have a console nearby.Well you can play pacman game right from GOOGLE. Just click on the google doodle pacma. Now site back and enjoy the game 🙂

3.Free proxy from Google

Go to Google Translate and select your preferred VPN server language on the right side and click on English on the left side.try typing on the left side and click on the link on the right side. Hurry you got a free VPN connection to that site.

4. Find my phone.

Go to and type “find my phone” in the search box, you can instantly find your smart phones location provided you have the feature turned on.

5. feeling Bored?

Feeling bored surfing the web all day?Just go to google images and type atari breakout. Enjoy the game.

6. QR code WiFi

Everyone hates typing passwords for WiFi, so here is  trick to by which you can use your wifi by just scanning a QR code. Sounds pretty cools right?

Just go to and type in the required credentials about your WiFi. Now click on generate QR code. The finally click on download QR code for your android device.You’re done!!

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