Survival Craft Game Guide : INTRODUCTION

Hi friends, this is the first gaming post I’m writing in this blog. As the title says today I’m going to write a post on the famous game (50 million downloads) called Survival Craft which is available in the play store, the game is still not available in IOS. This game is exactly like Minecraft, so if you’re looking for an alternative for Minecraft with a modern UI, this is the perfect game for you.

The game requires at least android Jellybean version to run properly. The game features all real world objects like electricity, horses etc. like in Minecraft. The striking feature of this game other than the graphics is the way you can play it. The main objective of this game is to survive the night without being attacked by animals. For that, of course, you need a shelter and some energy to survive which you gain by eating food just like in real world.You can build almost anything with this fun adventure survival game. You can farm cattle and plants or build complex circuits etc.

This game can be played by people of any age since its really an addicting game.There are no rules in this game you can play as you like but the only rule is to stay alive…

The game begins with a poor boy who was abandoned on an island by a ship crew who sails back to their land. The first words in the game say “Weigh anchor boys, and you there on the shore remember, we won’t be back for you!!”. As the guy says they won’t be back and the poor character is left behind to live on his own in that strange island. 

The game is not free and costs about Rs.238 in the play store, but you can try the full working version of the game here


Once you successfully installed Survival Craft game on your android device.Open the game and you will see a screen like this:

Now before playing the game lets tweak some settings so that you really enjoys the gaming.This step is optional, you can skip this if you like…


Click on the settings button and you’ll see a screen like this:

Click on performance button and you will see a bunch of options.Now on the screen resolution click on the high button till it becomes medium.

Change the visibility range to 64 blocks if u have low-end smartphone or else you can set it to a higher value.

Now find the framerate limit and play with different values until you find the best performance on your device. Note that if your using a device with 2GB or more, it’s advised to change it to unlimited. 

Your done tweaking the performance settings. Now let’s change the controls a little bit(optional). Click on the back arrow on top right corner of the screen and click on controls. Now you can see several options. I recommend changing the Move control mode to Buttons and look control mode entire to the entire screen.Make sure auto jump is turned on for easy playing.

So that’s all for the settings and now let’s get playing…..


Start the game by tapping on the single player button, you will see the screen which asks you to select the world and at the bottom of the screen you can see an option called “New world”.Tap on it. You will see another screen where you can set the name of the world, world seed (optional).etc. There is an also an option called Game mode, which basically means the level ie, cruel, challenge, creative, adventure and harmless. We will talk more of this in the next post, for the time being, you can select challenging which is the normal game-play mode.
That’s it now tap on the PLAY button and you’re ready to go playing….


This is a guide on the popular smartphone game called Survival Craft from candy Rufus games. I will post all the how-tos guide of this game eventually.As of the next post, I am planning to write the basics of this game.So stay tuned for it.


I’ve spent so much effort to write this post, so if u loved it please post a comment below saying thanks… If u have any suggestion, feel free to make me aware of it through the comments or through my email.

Survival Craft(Full version)

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