How To Prevent Your ISP From Capping Your Internet Bandwidth

Internet SAFETY using VPN
So you finally found that your ISP is throttling all your downloads.There are several reasons your ISP may be capping your speed. The main reason is that you are downloading torrents.Even if your not downloading any illegal content , your ISP may still  throttle your speed down. I have heard that some also cap the speed of video sites like YOUTUBE.  In this post im going to show you how to bypass this throttling and enjoy speed browsing. This trick also helps  prevent your ISP from monitoring all your downloads and page visits.

Note : In this post i am using a software called Hide My IP which is a VPN software.You can use any VPN software of your choice.

Before downloading take a note of your actual download speed from here. Make sure to run the test 2-5 times to get your average download speed.

Dowload HideMyIp software full version (Giveaway) from here.Next you will have to install the software. Once installed open the app and it will something show like this :

The you will have to register with the key provided in the .rar file which you downloaded.Now i assume that you got a full working version of Hide-My Ip with premium service enabled.Next you will have to click on hide my ip button. Wait till it connects to the ip address. Hurray you’ve hidden your IP address.

You can check this by typing “my ip address” in google search. If IP address shown matches the IP in the software, you’re done.If not please try again.

Now you can enjoy maximum internet speed,prevent your ISP from spying on you and enjoy hassle free torrent downloads.


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