Nokia 3310 Review : The Perfect Mobile?

Nokia 3310, the mobile that once dominated the market. Samsung and Apple where not the market leaders at that time. It seems everybody has once in life used this mobile phone.To me this mobile phone from Nokia brings fresh and lovely memories of my childhood.

Besides nothing can beat this mobile phone’s build.It seemingly awesome. The smartphones are way far from this mobile’s build. You can check drop test videos of Nokia Lumia and Nokia 3310 in YouTube. You simply cant kill Nokia 3310 by any ordinary means not even hammer test.  But surely this phone’s back cover , battery and front cover will start flying but still there will be no trace of a series destruction in this phone. Most people say that Nokia 3310’s back cover falls off as a defensive mechanism. A 4 foot drop test will seriously cause more damage to low-end smartphone than Nokia 3310. 

Now comparing with the battery capacity, even though Nokia 3310 is loaded with a very low capacity battery, the charge lasts for 2-3 weeks which is remarkable compared to the smartphones which hardly lasts 3 – 4 days at the maximum. But of course today’s Smartphones use high end 2 GHz or equivalent processors and can do almost everything a PC does.The Nokia 3310 on the other hand is not capable of matching with the Smartphones features, so we cant consider the battery life as a pros for Nokia 3310. 

About the performance, Nokia 3310 is much much faster than Smartphones which takes at about  a minute to boot up. Here also we cannot point this out as a draw back of smartphones because they got more things to handle than this small little mobile from Nokia. Also the display of Nokia 3310 is very small compared to smartphones. The images don’t have much quality in these first gen mobile from Nokia 3310.

Moving to the gaming, there is not an Arcade game in play-store that can beat the famous Snake Xenzia from Nokia. I simply can’t stop myself from playing this game during my childhood. The game becomes more harder as the it progresses.

So that’s all about Nokia 3310 mobile which is a legendary phone.I am not saying that Nokia 3310 is better than smartphones but still both has their own  advantages and disadvantages. Now summing up, smartphones are always better than Nokia and more customizable. I just wrote this post just to make you aware that there were times when Nokia 331 was the best phone out there. Since technology is progressing there will come a time when smartphones becomes extinct and a newer technology rises.

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