7 Cool New iPhone Games You Should Play in 2017

We all need to unwind every now and then and what better way to do that than playing games. There are some pretty amazing games out there and more are added every single day. But looking for the coolest ones can be quite a problem, which is why I have done the ground work for you, plus I have only included games that are highly addictive instead of ones that everyone must have already recommended to you.In this list 5 apps are free and 2 are paid. So here are 7 cool new iPhone games that you should Play in 2017.

7 Cool new iPhone games

1. Duet Game($2.99)

Duet game is one of the most addictive games I played in a long while and it’s also one of the most difficult ones on here. The games involve rotating 2 balls around a circle dodge the different obstacles that come your way.It starts off simple and then before you know it, things start to heat up. The game is definitely an awesome way to kill some time and refresh your brain if you are a bit tired of working.

2. Oxenfree($4.99)

What can I even say about this one? Oxenfree is simply the best game I have played in a long while. The story line is gripping enough that you will forget all about the world around you and playing with headphones on is just so good. The game revolves around Alex and couple of her friends out to party at an island, but there are weird things there, and you will find yourselves immersed in the game even before you know it.

3. Battle Bay (Free)

I am sure you have played angry birds, it was the essential game on every mobile ever. Now the developers (Rovio) of angry birds are back to Battle Bay. Trading birds for actual ammo as the firepower and pinks for actual enemies to fire. Apart from the movement of the ship(Which is a bit slow) I really love the game. The controls are easy to understand and aiming and firing is very well handled, something that I miss in shooting games on mobile devices. Battle bay will have you playing with friends and using every skill you can possibly master to win the fight against the enemy fleet.

4. rvlvr.(Free)

I know it’s not spelled like it but I am sure this game is called ‘Revolver’. It’s a minimalist puzzle game that is very easy on the eyes and equally difficult on the head. the game is all about rotating some disks to get the colored dots in the exact position as shown in the pattern on the top. Starting off with just 2-3 rings, the game is very easy, but once you move forward things get more interesting. With patterns that will leave you scratching the head and the puzzles becoming increasingly difficult, but it’s a great game.

5. Full of Stars(Free)

Full of Stars is awesome! If I were to describe it in one word that would be it: Awesome! The game is a sci-fi shooter that makes it a story with a classic dodging fly adventure gameplay that we have come to love from games like Sky force. However, it’s not the flying part that makes the game so good, although that is the most challenging part of the game, what makes me full of praise for full of stars is the amazing story-line it follows. A story where every decision you take has a consequence and lies with people in the game depending on your game decisions. The game will put you in a lot of moral conundrums, let me warn you right now, But you will love it. It will make you cry but you will love it. Full of Stars is an amazing game that you must try.

6. Nonstop Chuck Norris (Free)

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you just want a game to distract you for some time without you having to put in a lot of effort in it, well Nonstop Chuck Norris is that game. The game is full of witty lines about chuck Norris and some really nice power-ups.In nonstop Chuck Norris, you don’t have to worry about moving Chuck Norris or making him attack. All you need to worry about is upgrading his power-up and using them at the right time to get the most out of them. The basic aim of Nonstop Chuck Norris is to defeat robocat 9000.

7. Skydancer (Free)

Skydancer is temple run but a lot more difficult and a lot more fun. The infinite runner works in a 3D space, where you will have to jump between different platforms, navigate your way between walls and obstacles and a lot more.What makes this game so much different than Temple run or Subway Surfers is that the platforms are not all on the same plane. You will have to jump and control the directions by falling down, navigating through rocks and what not, timing jumps perfectly to be able to land on the next platform. The games do take some time getting the hands off, but once you do it’s really awesome and will keep you hooked for hours.


Well those were some cool new iPhone games that you should definitely try but which ones are your favorite. Do let us know in the comment section below.

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