4 Hidden Android Features You Are Not Using (2017)

Every major Android update brings a ton of cool new features but are you really using all those features. There are some hidden Android features that don’t get the attention they deserve. So here are some really useful Android features that you are not using but you definitely should.

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1. Adoptable Storage

If you happen to own a smartphone that packs in 8 or 16 gigs of internal storage, you know that’s not enough. Well, you can insert a sd card if your device does support it, but even that’s not a perfect solution, considering not all apps can be installed on the external storage, and even the app data is stored in the internal storage.
Formatting your Sd card as Internal storage 1
After Formatting your SD card as internal Storage

Thankfully, Android 6.0(Marshmallow) introduced the adoptable storage feature. Which lets you format an external micro SD card as internal storage. Before you do this, do make sure to take a backup of the data on the card, because it will be erased in the process. 

To do this, first make sure the SD card is inserted in the device, Then go to Settings ==> Storage & USB, here you will find your card listed under the Portable Storage section, tap on it, then hit the 3 dot menu button and tap on Settings. Here you will find the option Format as internal, Tap on it, then hit the Erase & Format button. The process will then begin, and if there is any data on the card, you will get a prompt to move it now or later. Once the data is moved, your SD card will work as your Internal Storage. That’s pretty handy
Formatting your Sd card as Internal storage 2
Click Erase & Format

2. Smart lock

Smart Lock is a security feature that you probably aren’t using on your Android smartphone. Smart lock introduced with Android 5.0 Lollipop automatically unlocks your phone, when your device is around some trusted agents, like your Android smartwatch, Chromebook, your house or maybe in your pocket. This is certainly handy if you want your device to be unlocked in some specific situations. 

Smart watch with smartphone smart Lock
A smart Phone unlocked with the help of a smartwatch which being a trusted agent in Smart Lock

To enable it, Go to Settings ==> Security ==> Trust Agents, and enable Smart lock(You must have a pin or pattern lock before enabling Smart Lock). To set your trusted agents, go to Settings ==> Security, and tap on smart lock. Here you will find all the options to set up different agents like places, devices, voice etc. You can just set up a trusted agent, and your device will be automatically unlocked when it is int he proximity of one of the agents.

3. Built in File Manager

The first app that most people download on their new Android device is a file manager app. But not many people know that Android 6.0 Marshmallow includes a hidden Built in File Manager, and it has gotten even better with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Built in File Manager in Android
Built in File Manager in Android
You can access the File Manager in the Storage Settings, you can find the explore Button at the bottom of the Storage Settings. Tapping the button brings the File Manager. The file manager features a side menu which lets you browse your Images, videos, audios, recent files etc. You can also check your Google Drive Files and directories like Downloads and Documents. It supports all the basic file managerial features, like moving files, renaming them, creating new folders etc. It’s a great file manager if you are looking to do basic tasks. All in All, its a great addition to Stock Android and it’s a shame that is buried in the settings page.

4. DayDream

No, we are not talking about the DayDream VR platform(However, if you want an article about the DayDream VR, make sure you tell it in the comment section). The DayDream we are talking about has been part of Android since JellyBean, and with Nougat it’s been renamed as ScreenSaver. For instance, you can set a Clock Daydream to set your phone as a night clock when it is docked, sound cool right!

Using Clock Daydream
Using Clock Daydream
You can find the ScreenSaver or DayDream option in Settings ==> Display ==> Screen Saver. You can set up the ScreenSaver to when to start the screensaver and test it. You can also download various screenSaver apps from the play store. Lucid is one of the best ScreenSaver apps


Well these were some of the less known Android Hidden Features but if you know about any other Hidden Features, do let us know in the comment section below, and if its good, I will update this article with that Trick, and you will be given the credits for that trick. If you liked this article, do share it with your friends and help us grow our website.

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