REVIEW : GOOGLE WiFi The smart WiFi ?

Google has launched a new product called GOOGLE WiFi , well as the name says it is a router which is designed to use at home due to its small size and awesome design. Once its set , you don’t realize it’s there. It also adds to the beauty of your house due to its stunning design. 

 The device comes with a LAN cable , power cable and the product itself. The device has a an led ring in the middle which shows the current status of your connection. The colors available are White : All OK and connected., Orange : connection unstable , Blue : Setting UP.Honestly this is the most awesome feature in this product , it looks really cool seeing that LED’s  glow right in the middle.

GOOGLE WiFi is mostly used as a wireless mesh network which covers the places where you get less signal in your home commonly called as dead spots. There is also an Android App in play store called Google WiFi for managing your product. The app is really useful for controlling your product. You can also use this to prevent certain devices by connecting to your modem after a specific time. This is especially useful to prevent your kids from creeping at late hours to use the internet. 

Now moving towards the wireless speeds even though it can’t beat the advanced wireless routers like ASUS etc. , the speeds are pretty good for home-use. Also with reference to its small design this product is actually delivering the maximum speed compared to other routers.

Now talking about the disadvantages : For GOOGLE Wi-Fi product to work, you need a wireless modem like ASUS ,Linksys,Gigabyte,Tenda etc. for connecting the coaxial cable from your ISP , as this product from Google does not come with a port for connecting the cable. You will need to connect your modem to your Google Wi-Fi via a LAN cable. Also note that there are only 2 LAN ports available in this product. Also most of the time, you need the Google Wi-Fi app and a working Google account to get most of things done with this  router like changing the password etc.
So that’s all you need to know about this cool product from GOOGLE. There is nothing better than using the product yourself.So why not give it a try. if you loved this product like myself, please comment…

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