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Yes you read it right , there is a hidden dinosaur game in google chrome browser which works on both PC and smartphone version of chrome.GOOGLE CHROME as you all know is an internet browser by the search engine giant – GOOGLE. There is always an hidden trick in almost all google software’s and apps and it turns out to be awesome also. So today i am going to show you an Easter egg in google chrome which will make you love the browser more.Lets start then:

Note : For finding this easter egg make sure you are not connected to the internet.Disconnect all your ethernet cables or just turn of your modem.
If your using smartphone make sure mobile data and wifi are both turned off. This post assumes that you have chrome browser installed on your PC or smartphone.

STEP 1 : Open your chrome browser.If your using PC then launch chrome from startmenu or desktop. If your using smartphone,open Chrome app from  home screen or from the apps button.

STEP 2 : Try to load a webpage like with the internet disconnected.You will get a screen like this :

In this screen you will find a dinoser(just above the line saying unable to connect) , this is actually a hidden game in chrome.Sometimes you can  see it blinking its eyes 🙂

STEP 3 : Now try pressing SPACEBAR key or the UP ARROW key and see the magic for yourself.In the smartphone version of Google Chrome, tap on the dragon to make it move.

You can see that the dinoser starts moving and there are some cactus in front .

So now you may be wondering how to play this game,here’s how :

The aim of this game is to avoid the cactus and flying dragons by jumping using either the spacebar or UP arrow key. The score is wriiten on the upper right corner which will increase as your dinoser moves forward and the game becomes harder and harder ie, the dinoser will move faster so you have little time to jump and avoid the cactus and dragon.You can avoid the flying dragon by pressing down arrow key which makes your dinoser duck . If your dragon comes a little closer to the ground , then you have to jump using the spacebar or up arrow key. If you hit either the dragon or cactus, the game is over and you will get a screen like this :

On the upper right corner you can see your highscore along with the current score , so the next player or you itself can try to beat your highscore.The score remains as long as the chrome windows is open and when you exit chrome, the hi score is resetted.So the next time you wont be able to see your high score.

This game is great for improving your reflex and motor skills.Its also a time-killer if your feeling bored without internet.Also note that in the android version of chrome  there is no dragon but the still the game is awesome.

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