How To Remove Ransomware Virus From Your PC.

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Hi friends , after a while I decided to write a post on how to remove a virus , Ransom-ware virus  from your PC. At least some of you have got Ransom-ware  virus on your PC. Even I have got it once when i was a beginner in using internet and accidentally downloaded something from internet containing this dreadful virus.

The next thing i know , my PC restarted immediately and presented me with a screen like this :

I was shocked to see this because I never intentionally downloaded any illegal content. Unfortunately I had to reinstall my whole OS just to remove this virus. The most tricky thing about this virus is that it almost always looks real in the eyes of a newbies. This virus makes you think that its from some cyber authority. It also threatens that it will lock your completely and encrypt your files if you don’t pay the required money.Even though it say it will encrypt your precious files ,It cannot fully encrypt your PC in such a limited time, but what it does actually is simply rename your *.jpg to *.txt or something like that and it is indeed recoverable.The annoying thing about this virus is that it locks you out of your own PC. 

Virus Found (Funny)

What Is Ransom-ware virus?

Well according to Wikipedia,  Ransom-ware is computer malware that installs covertly on a victim’s computer, executes a cryptovirology attack that adversely affects it, and demands a ransom payment to decry-pt it or not publish it. Simple ransom-ware may lock the system in a way which is not difficult for a knowledgeable person to reverse, and display a message requesting payment to unlock it. 

How to remove Ransom-ware virus?

Note : An internet connection is required to download utilities and to remove the virus.

STEP 1 : Start your computer in safe-mode by pressing F8 key.In windows 8 , you may need a Recovery Disk or go to settings and select advanced startup.

STEP 2 : Select Safe-mode with networking and press Enter key on your keyboard.

STEP 3 : Wait till your computer boots in safe mode.

STEP 4 : Finally you didn’t get that crazy message saying ‘your system is locked”blah blah…..                     But  still we need to remove the virus so that you can boot your PC in normal                                 mode.The reason why you didnt get that message is because safe mode is a safety                   feature designed by Microsoft , which loads only minimum drivers and software which                 is essential to boot windows.

STEP 5 : Now open your desired web browser and download Malware-Bytes Anti Malware       
                 (just Google it). Also you can try Malware-Bytes Anti-Ransom-ware and download it                      from here. Although i prefer Anti-Malware because Anti-Ransom-ware is a beta                            version and cannot guarantee full removal of virus from PC.

STEP 6 : Download other spyware Utilities (a google search will help you find anything :))

STEP 7 : Install and scan your PC with the downloaded utilities.Make sure to update virus                            definition and then only scan.

STEP 8 : Remove all the threats and scan once more.

STEP 9 : Restart your computer and pray to GOD.

STEP 10 : Viola!!!, Your PC is back running again like normal :). Backup your important files                        and settings and do a clean install of windows (if  you can) .So that there will be no                        left-over residue of virus.

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