How To Install A Bootable ISO To USB Drive

Does any of you have to make a bootable windows installation but dont have a spare DVD or CD with you or you wanna make the installation of windows a little bit faster?.If so why not try installing Windows using USB.Yea i mean it.It not only make your installation of Windows faster but also you can carry it on the go.

Picture Courtesy : Stephen Hanafin (Flickr).

So friends lets start :

Note : In this tutorial I’m  gonna use Rufus software which is an awesome utility to create a bootable usb.
         You can also use Windows 7 USB/DVD tool.But Rufus is a bit faster. Anyways you have freedom to make your choice.

STEP 1 :     
                   SO first things first, keep a usb flash drive handy. If ur installing Windows XP 1GB drive is enough. But for newer version you may need a 4GB drive.
Download Rufus utility from here.

STEP 2 :
                    After installing your software will look something like this :

Go to device section and select the device from the drop-down list.Next go to volume label section and type a name for your drive otherwise leave it blank 🙂 All other settings are pre-defined and you dont have to change anything.

STEP 3 :
                Click on the CD drive button on the right side of FreeDos drop down list and browse to the windows installation iso.Wait till it scans the iso files.

STEP 4 :
                  Press start button.You will be given a message saying all the contents of the drive will be  deleted  ie,formatted. Make sure you have selected the right drive and press OK.

STEP 5 :
                Sit back and relax , while Rufus does the job !!!

[Credits : ALL Credits goes to developer of Rufus for making this software.]

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