How to Become a Beta Tester for Whatsapp(Or any app In the Play Store)

Who doesn’t want the latest version of Whatsapp which will be packed with lots of features, and that wont be available to the normal public. This type of version is called the Beta Version. Some apps in the google play store has this feature. Whatsapp is one of them. Whatsapp releases new versions everyday. Most of the updates wont have any UI changes or things that will appear to you. But they will have some correction the code to remove any bugs.

If you want to get the Beta version of Whatsapp or any android app, follow my steps below:

STEP I- Go to Play-store and select the app you are looking for, in my case its Whatsapp.

Select the app you are looking for

STEP II- Scroll down to the end of the app page till you find a option called Become a Beta Tester

STEP III- Select I’M IN and a popup will open and in there select

Select Join

Voila, you are now a beta tester and you will get the latest whatsapp beta version with  all the awesome Improvements(If any).

SO Thats all you should do to become a Beta tester for any app.

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