J.A.R.V.I.S Your Virtual Smartphone Assistant

Have any of you watched the Iron Man Series.In that movie there is a AI(Artificial Intelligence)which keeps Tony Stark (Hero) informed and helps him. For those of you who didn’t get what I’m talking about,its none other than  Jarvis. I am sure that most of you wanted to get that cool Jarvis right at your home. So folks grab your phone coz we have an app in android called Jarvis-My Personal Assistant.

The main use of this app is that it can control your phone just like Tony Stark controls everything with Jarvis in Iron Man movies. Even I personally wanted to get Jarvis and after a lot of searching i found this app.Its indeed great since it can not only control your phone inside out but also help in your daily routines. Didn’t get what i meant? Well here’s an example : Imagine your in a situation where you have Bluetooth headset and speakers but you don’t have access to your phone at the moment , you wanted to call someone.Jarvis is there to hep for you.Just put on your headset and ask Jarvis- “Jarvis Please call “Deepak”
and what’s more Jarvis will reply- “Sure sir” and will  place the call.
Jarvis On Android Wear!!!
Jarvis comes with many other features, the best among them is it can turn WiFi,Bluetooth,GPS on/off,can change your wallpaper,search anything for you on the internet,set an alarm and notify you about incoming call,messages,turn flash on and off etc.

 I personally tested and loved Jarvis and recommend you all to try it on your phone. You can also buy the Pro version of Jarvis and support the developer of this app.The pro version comes with new Mark 2 theme and other awesome features.This app works on Android 4.0 and later versions of Android.

Download Jarvis From Playstore.

Download Jarvis from apk-dl

Jarvis reminding to tell something.

[Picture Courtesy : GOOGLE Images,Apk-dl.com]


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