GOOGLE HOME-Hands On Review

The much awaited smart speaker is here. Ya,I  am talking about Google Home. Google Home was released at Google I/O,2016 by Mario Queiroz, Vice President of Product Management. We can surely tell that the Google home stands as a rival to Amazon Echo in the smart speaker industry.

Google Home, right, with a Pixel phone. The Pixel came out last month; Home will be available on Friday.CreditEric Risberg/Associated Press

I was really attached to amazon echo, so removing echo for google home, made me sad(Even though it’s temporary).Google home is powered by its assistant which is present in the Pixel & Pixel XL smartphones by google. Google assistant is sure the rival for iPhone’s Siri.

I really like the way home is crafted, it adds to the beauty of your house.The home can be useful only if it is connected to Wi-Fi. Don’t worry about Home eavesdropping on your conversation, its back has a mute button.Talking about its quality, home is an excellent speaker,by the way—richer, brighter and more dynamic than the Echo, and loud enough to fill a room. It’s much more than I expected. The think which makes me unhappy is that it doesn’t work as a Bluetooth speaker, anyway, it’s cheaper than echo, so they had to remove some functions for making it cheaper.
Amazon echo
Google Home rival Amazon echo

Since this is a product from a search giant Google, you can expect Home to excel at search.Google has spent the last few years refining the answer box that appears atop your search results and provides context. It became a help here because what Home does is that it searches the Google for your question and this simplified answer is replied.

So here’s where I have landed, at last, Even though Home’s came late into the market , both home and echo are great.So the question you might ask me will be: “Which will you prefer” , I will prefer Google Home, Reason: Google’s ambition for both this product and Assistant, in general, is so high that Home should get really good, really fast and Home is cheap. You know Google has a great support for this product, so we don’t have to worry about any issues arising with their product, Google will be there to rescue.

So to conclude, both of them are great products only mistake you can make is: not buying a smart speaker for your house. I am sure smart speakers are only getting better.

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