How To Backup And Restore A Blogger Blog in 3 Easy steps

Imagine a situation, you are blogging with your friend also as admin. One day you and that friend fights and he decide to break your heart by deleting your blogs. It will be a nightmare for you. So to avoid such complications blogger has a feature for backing up our blog.So, today, I will teach you how to backup your precious blog in 3 Easy steps

I will explain it step by step along with photos so that you can understand it more fast.

 Step 1

Sign in your blogger account and select your blog. In the left column, select Settings
Select Settings

Step 2

A drop-down will appear, from that select ‘Other’ which is located at the last of the list.

Step 3

Click on ‘Back up content‘ and a pop up will appear ,

from that select ‘Save to your computer

Voila, that’s all, you have backed up your blog, a .xml file will be downloaded, and that’s your backup, if u want to restore it select import content in Step 3, and select that .xml file.

So, that was easy right, try to backup your blog monthly, and save the XML file in a well-protected folder since that XML file can be used by others. 
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