5 Tech Tips That Let’s You Sleep Within 10mins

This post is for the insomniacs out there. The biggest problem you face in the night is ‘not getting sleep’. It’s one of the worst feelings when you don’t get sleep and lie in the bed for hours. So, I am here to inform you about 5 apps that will relax you and lets you sleep.

  White Noise Free- screenshot thumbnail   This app generates a soothing audio soundscape to gently lull you to sleep. With sounds like wind blowing, ocean waves or the sound of a burning fire. The app lets users create their own blend of sounds, according to what works best for them. The app also packs in a smart alarm and other configuration settings.

                                               2. Awoken
   Awoken - Lucid Dreaming Tool- screenshot

This is more of a dream journal and a sort of mental training app that helps you log your dreams and practice exercises to help you achieve a lucid dreaming state. Lucid dreaming is the state in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and may be able to exert some degree of control over the dreams and its narrative. Awoken uses audio cues to train sleepers to make reality checks to boost awareness of the dream state


  Pzizz - Deep Sleep & Power Nap- screenshot thumbnail   This app helps you gently fall asleep using a combination of music, sound effects, and beats and that let you de-stress. You can opt for a listening duration of your choice, and the app creates a unique track each time you listen to it and from inbuilt media. Users can customize the sounds they want to listen to; and with over 10 billion possible combinations, there’s a little chance of the sound getting repetitive.

Cover artWho doesn’t love the rain? Don’t you wish you could make it rain at your own choosing? We can’t help with Global Warming but we can help you fall asleep at night, relax at work or escape the city crowd. Designed for any eco – conscious person, or rain-starved victim of global drought. Sleepmaker Rain is also perfectly safe to help young children and infants fall asleep. With sleepmaker rain, all you need to do is plug in those earphones and let yourself relax to the sound of a downpour. The app has a range of audio clips, ranging from gentle onto forest foliage, medium falling off the porch to heavy torrential downpour.

You probably must have heard about runtastic, and used its fitness apps. Runtastic is an amazing developer who developed an app named ‘ Runtastic Running & Fitness’ which is a top fitness app in the play store. The app records your sleeping habits and uses a sleep cycle theory to decide upon the appropriate time to wake you. Instead of setting a specific time as your alarm, all you do is set a window of time within which you would like to be woken up;to your choice of soothing music. The app judges your sleep movement and zeroes in on the right time. It records your sleeping habits that let you track your sleep quality

So don’t count sheep for sleeping, try out these apps and I assure you of a good sleep

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